Mass Exodus Has Begun – CEO’s Bugging Out! 500+ Retiring CEO’s Another Sign Of Something Ominous To Come?

In a follow-up to Susan Duclos’ recent story “Movement To The Bunkers: ‘They Know It Is Coming’ – Elite Actively Practicing Bug-Out Scenario,” we have embedded the scribd document below that contains the names of over 500 CEO’s of large companies that have either retired from their CEO positions in 2015, late 2014 or plan on doing so within the next month or so as we begin to see a mass exodus from the business world has begun.

With the US dollar poised to soon lose its’ world reserve currency status and the US and global economies teetering on the edge of destruction, a brand new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll reveals that 96% of Americans believe there will be more civil unrest and possible race wars in cities across the country this summer, is this another reason why so many CEO’s have chosen to ‘retire’ now? The list below of CEO’s ‘getting out of Dodge’ is like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the corporate business world in America. Are these retirements just a coincidence or another sign of something ominious coming? From Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog.:

Only 4 percent of people that believe that everything will be just fine.  In this day and age, it is virtually impossible to get 96 percent of Americans to agree on anything.  So the fact that just about everyone agrees that we are going to see more civil unrest should really tell you something.  The anger that has been building under the surface for so many years in this country has finally started to erupt.  If you have been following my website for a while, you know that this is something that I have been warning about for a very long time.  Many people may have thought that I was exaggerating when I talked about the civil unrest that was coming to American cities.  But I was not exaggerating at all.  In fact, if anything I was downplaying it.  In the years to come, we are going to see things happen in our cities that are going to absolutely shock the world.

Gawker’s Phase Zero’s William Arkin has an excellent new story out called “The Secret Mountain Our Spies Will Hide In When Washington Is Destroyed” which uncovers a secret mountain bunker 100 miles outside of Washington DC in Virginia that leads us to ask, how many more of these secret bunkers are out there that have yet to be discovered? Do these billionaires and multi-millionaires have ‘inside information’ that the rest of us do not have access to? With all of this information now coming forth, we think that it’s very interesting that the Pentagon has also chosen now to be the time that they move much of their HQ and equipment back into their cold war era Cheyenne Mountain bunkers.

The list below goes on like a ‘Who’s Who’ in the corporate business world. Every day more names are being added to the list. What do these people know that we don’t know? Several videos below on the elite’s underground lairs as well as more up-to-date info and questions asked about Jade Helm 15.

The Exodus Has Begun – CEO’s Are Bugging Out! by All News Pipeline

Back in December of 2014, Susan Duclos took a look at the underground lairs the elite were preparing for themselves.

In this next video Professor Doom2 shares with us how Jade Helm 15 is training to take down the nation. Did these CEO’s who are suddenly retiring know about all of this coming and did this knowledge ‘help’ them to make their decisions?

The images below are of the secretive mountain bunker in Virginia. How many more bunkers such as this have been secretly prepared by the elite for their ultimate escape from the coming doom they’ve helped bring to the world?

By Stefan Stanford

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