Vatican forbids the use of God’s name

Vatican forbids the use of God’s name

I just read an article about the Vatican covering up the use of Yahweh. The article says that the Hebrew name of God is not to be used or pronounced. Hmm, I wonder why?? The Catholic Church wants to keep the whole world blind of knowing the Creator’s Name. Why must they continue to cover this up? The Catholic Church has kept so many secrets and has lied about so many things. They want to control people. At some point the children of Yahweh don’t need to be ignorant of this fact. It is time to wake up and do research. It is time to study the Word so that we can gain wisdom. We have many false prophets and false teachers in this world and we must be aware of them. We must know what the bible teaches. There are many different translations of the Word and that should be a warning by itself.

When you do research you will see that the Creator’s name is YHWH and it is pronounced as Yahweh. If you like to check out the article here’s the link

I have also read that the name Yahweh was removed from the original Hebrew text. Yahweh’s name appeared close to 7000 times. The words God and Lord is a title and not a name. We must ask the question, “Why was the name Yahweh removed from the bible?” Some evil people in the world don’t want his children to know the truth.

Well brothers and sisters I came across this video and I would like to share it.  I thought it was pretty cool. Yahweh shows us many things. I also want to say that many people are learning and not one person knows everything. Those who are constantly seeking Yahweh will get closer and closer to the truth.

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