My Thoughts Part 4: The Coming Storm

My thoughts Part 4: The Coming Storm

Can you feel his wrath coming oh children? Can you feel the wind from heaven as the storm gets closer? Why must people continue to upset the Most High? A devouring fire is before him as his Throne comes near. Are you ready for the Day of the Lord? A day filled with dark clouds and gloominess. Sure you say you are ready for that great and mighty day. As the kings of this world prepare for battle against the Most High. How silly are they to think they will win this battle? The same wicked souls that are born into this world are the same wicked souls from the beginning. The same spirits who rebelled in Heaven. They have been born on the earth. Today is the day to seek understanding. Why are you still blind my children? Open up your eyes and connect to the spiritual realm before it’s too late. She will be lifted up from among you.

The Holy Spirit came down and will leave at the appointed time. You will go to and fro trying to seek wisdom but there will be no wisdom because she waited at your door for so long and cried out to you and you ignored. Why must you continue to be ignorant my children? I have weeped for you and have given you chance after chance to seek me but you didn’t want to listen. I loved you like a mother should and I have comforted you in the times of need. I have given knowledge to you yet you pushed me to the side so that you can fulfill your own desires. I have picked you up and carried you. I have protected you from the harsh punishment of your father yet you still continue in your old ways. Why do you run from me when all I want to do is love you and take care of you?

The days ahead are going to be hard for many. Love will leave the earth and Fear will dwell among you. And that’s because Sin has increased all over the world. Purity has faded away from the people. Soon my holy ones will leave and enter into the chambers of the Most High. They will be protected from the enemy. Don’t you dare try to set a date all you date setters. Woe to those who corrupt the Holy Word. And blessed to my children who continue to Watch and discern the times. Keep your garments clean and keep his Holy Feasts and Sabbaths and be wise. Be ready at all times children for you do not know the day of his arrival. Can you feel the storm that is coming? Hear as Yah speak, in such a rage. He thunders from up above. Lightning and thunder is coming from his throne. He is near, so look up towards the sky. He is coming with Chariots. Will you be caught up as Enoch and Elijah?

Understand the mystery. An invisible world is right in front of you. I am crying out saying, “Open the gates oh Yah”. Release your mighty angels from up above and send them to your children. Salvation is coming to those who desire it.  The key is now in the door and Yahshua will soon open it. Only a little while longer my child. Patiently wait for the King to return because he is waiting patiently for his Father’s commandment to go forth. For I was caught up in the spirit and I saw a line of people heading towards the fire. He chose me from the crowd of people and I sat with him. I ran into his arms and he picked me up as a child. I wanted to go to heaven but it wasn’t time yet for he told me I will come and take you to heaven tomorrow. Oh how I continue to hope for this day when I get to rise up and enter inside his door that he will open before me. Yahshua gave me hope and showed me a glimpse of heaven as I looked through a peep hole to see another world before me. Through this tunnel or portal I saw a rainbow creature at the end of the tunnel. How awesome is that? I will never forget the promise he made to me nor will I ever forget it.

The day that I got caught up in a wheel (which I can’t describe) it was moving in all types of direction, I went up and immediately the scene changed. Before I went up in the wheel, I noticed that the sky was cloudy and dark as if a storm was coming. It was 6pm and the sun went down, the start of a new day.

Written By Sister Carter

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