Balance: The Lord forms the Light and Creates Darkness

Shalom Brothers and Sisters. I just wanted to say a few things. We don’t know all of Yah’s plans and all of his ways. Sometimes we are left in the dark until his light shines on us or until we receive knowledge from the Creator. His spirit must dwell in us in order for us to connect with his mind. We must be willing to face him head on by surrendering our lives to him so that he can pull us out of darkness and save us from walking down the path of destruction. We must allow him to pull us away from the lower realms of consciousness and allow him to bring us to the higher realms of consciousness. That’s why we are supposed to seek the Most High continuously. Ignorance is not having knowledge which can lead your mind to a state of darkness.

The Universe has regions of light and regions of darkness and I’m sure both regions have a purpose.  Isaiah 45:7 states “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” Ignorance or darkness was created and it became a part of our consciousness and it became the opposite of good. The darkness was separated from the light. The Creator of the Universe is allowing you to see how the mind works and your mind can choose good or evil. Everything that is manifested in the Universe comes forth from the Universal mind and you are a part of the Creator’s mind. If you want evil to disappear then destroy your evil thoughts. Yahshua was sent to destroy the enemy and he did with his mind.

The battle is in your mind and you have the power to fight against your carnal mind. And you must use wisdom to fight against the carnal mind. Wisdom gives understanding and so you must seek understanding so that you won’t have to remain ignorant or be left in bondage. You must understand how evil works, what evil is, what evil brings, and the only way to understand the mind of the devil is by recognizing the works of the devil. Sometimes you can identify those things within yourself. When you understand how Satan works you can conquer him. You can destroy him in your mind by managing your thoughts. Every thought should be approved from the Creator and if it’s not His will then don’t do it. If you have evil thoughts please deal with it head on and face the truth. Ask yourself, “Is this the Father’s will? Does he want me to manifest this thought? We have to understand that he will destroy evil. If you are full of wickedness and evilness know that you will be cleansed in the end but you still have a chance to be set free from evil now. You have a chance to ascend to a higher realm of consciousness. Don’t you want to dwell in a regions of light which are the highest heavens in God’s Kingdom?

Well it’s ultimately your choice.  Salvation was given to the Gentiles and to Israel. We all can be redeemed. Do you want to remain in the dark or do you want to live in the light? Do you want the Creator to transform you? Please listen to the Creator’s voice and the light will guide you. There are light beings who are invisible to you that guides humanity and there are dark beings who do the same. Let the light inspire you and become a teacher of all good things. You can overcome sin so please think positive and destroy evil thinking. Don’t be afraid to seek truth. The law was given so that his people would know what sin is. So you all have a guide and all you need to do is understand the spiritual meaning behind the law because the law is spiritual. Evil was created in the beginning and Yah understood the works of evil and he separated it from the light.

We just need to know that we have 2 forces operating in the universe and these 2 forces manifested one positive and one negative and it is what it is. We live in a corruptible world and we need to change our thoughts so we can manifest good in this world. When we came into this world we were in a state of darkness we forgot who we were as light beings and we fell into a deep sleep. But now is the time to awaken! We must ascend back to heaven and we must remember that we are light beings and that we were sent here to experience and understand the 2 forces or energy. We must learn how to balance the two energies, the male and female energies. Both can cause destruction so we must learn self-control, and we need to choose our thoughts wisely. It is not easy at all but it can be done if we think positive. Balance is needed.

Written by Sister Carter

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