Time to Wake Up


Shabbat Shalom Brother and Sisters! I have recently been going through different books that I have that I jot down dreams, visions, revelations, etc. I came across multiple dreams that started on March 31, 2014. The first one was around 10:00 P.M. in which I saw a gray fog engulfing the earth as it grew larger. First I was standing at sea level looking up in the sky watching the fog grow and spread out over the earth. I was then suddenly in outer space looking down watching it from a different angle spreading out over the earth. The fog was like a darkness coming over the world and blocking out light.

The next dream occurred at 12:00 AM, which would have been April 1, 2014.  In this dream the focus was some kind of invasion. The time appeared as 21:03 which would be 9:03 PM. I kept hearing people mention sowing things up which was referring to them gathering their personal belongings or getting their personal affairs in order. Some people had a basket made of rope where they were bundling personal items together. A person in my dream stated that did not know the prince of darkness was behind it. I then possibly saw two invasions or possibly the same invasion from two different perspectives. In the dream some people were asleep and did not even know what was going on. Suddenly men that looked like machines that were a white/silver metallic color appeared.  They crawled around on their hands and feet like they were animals. It was like they were coming out and capturing people. They had lights attached to them to seek out people (possibly military). The manner in which they did was the same manner in which police/special forces perform raids and extractions. The same baskets made of rope people were gathering their belongings in were the same type of basket made of rope that the machines were capturing people in.

I am seeking more understanding, wisdom and clarification in regards to these dreams. The fog could represent the darkness that is taking over the earth: The unjustified killings, police brutality, Supreme Court approving same sex marriage, etc. The world is going darker every day. People are conforming more to the world’s way and not the way of the Most High. People are staying more carnal minded and not being spiritual minded.

In regards to the second dream. We have seen an increase in warrantless searches being approved by the Supreme Court. Wars such as ISIS going in and taking over the Euphrates River. America is even going in and taking over countries, however people still fail to recognize that. Research how many foreign countries the U.S. is occupying right now and saying it is because they are assisting with fighting a war. I have provided links below so you can see the wars throughout history and the countries the U.S. are currently occupying.



The people sleeping could represent those not spiritually awoken and therefore they are asleep to what is going on around them and will be caught be surprise instead of being prepared for what is still to come.

Brother and Sisters, please wake up and seek the Most High, don’t be caught by surprised. Be the children in the light that can see the signs and now the plans of the enemy. Look to the sky for our redemption draweth nigh. The Most high is showing us that we are almost out of here and with that I say Shalom!

Beams of Light

Written by Brother Whitfield

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