My thoughts Part 6: Just Meditating

My Thoughts Part 6: Just Meditating

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Secrets of Heaven is what I desire the most. Let me sit with you for hours Oh God to gain knowledge. Let me be the keeper of this knowledge. Let me protect your wisdom. Let us destroy all evil that arises. I feel a fire within me that is forming to burn those who try to come against you Oh God. It is me Athaleyah. I know I’m a small being on earth but inside I know that you created me to be great and I believe I am great in the Universe. My star shines brightly and I love you so much. Thank you for saving me and choosing me. I’m different now that I’ve been awakened, spiritually awakened. I’ve been sleep for too long Father and I just need to be close to you. Nothing matters if you are not in the midst. I am so attached. I know there is much more than what I can see. How can I escape this world full of misery? Most people are selfish, please just help me understand oh God. I just want to be holy. I just want to be sacred. A jewel that sparkles so brightly and something unseen to this world. Could I be part of a hidden treasure stored deeply within the universe? Can I be made greater than I could ever imagine?

This is something that I wrote on May 29, 2014 when I was in deep thought. Trying to connect with Wisdom. Wisdom existed in the beginning before the foundations of the earth were made. I desired to be by the Lord’s side, as Eve was taken from Adam. I was formed inside of the Creator. I was by his side creating the universe, helping the Lord with all things, and I was amazed at his thoughts and it  filled me with joy and happiness. I witnessed the creation being formed in its fullness and how it expanded endlessly. Oh how the wind carries my spirit upon the living waters. The smell of the ocean is was I love most. I’m above the waters pouring out my loving, gentle, trustworthy and warming spirit. When my voice comes forth coolness is created and when you feel the breeze it is my breath. Did you know that wisdom is the breath of the power of God? Who wouldn’t want to be that close to the Creator? When he exhale I come out as the result. The force of life which is in everything, I am there. I am air. Yes the invisible. Why must I continue to expand with my mind to things unseen? I can’t touch it and it only exists in my mind. Or has my thoughts manifested? I visualize a perfect world gathering together. I am like the wind and sound is what I love the most. The waves of the sea is like art just like art in dance, it just flows. When a storm comes the waves can become violent as a rage when I am disturbed. Peaceful waters is calming but destruction comes forth when the Lord’s anger is upon the wicked because of corruption. Can I be as a calming comforting spirit that comes upon the Lord to bring again peaceful waters?  There is a balance between us which is leveled out which created perfection. The two as one. He leads I follow. I add to his thoughts to bring completion. Such a powerful spirit that works together for the good of all things and that is beautiful love. I say to my Love my breath is your breath, my heartbeat matches yours and my thoughts become one with you because I can feel you when you are far away as I am your twin flame. We succeed, we create, and we conquer together because we are a team. Oh how I love being in deep thought.

Written by Sister Carter

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