My Thoughts Part 7: Eternal Love

My Thoughts Part 7: Eternal Love

twin flame

Written May 29-2014. Love is inside of me and it is a fire that is burning for eternity. My flames touches your flame as we reach higher into the heavens. We are unstoppable. We have this oil that is an eternal oil that keeps us lit forever. Nothing can extinguish our love because it burns forever. From the flames comes a mist which is a liquid that brings forth water. My thoughts are the 4 elements of life. It is fire, water, earth and air. From the invisible there was air and in the beginning there was a fire and in that fire was light and darkness and within that fire water existed.  With these components the earth was formed.

Lord you are my foundation and you sit upon a mountain high up in the heavens and you placed yourself on that rock. Can I reach you? Can I reach your throne? All those below have to ascend up to that mountain which is Mount Zion. Mount Zion is where I live with you O Lord. You descended through the levels of heaven to come into the physical world and I have found you. I know you are there. I can’t see you but I can feel you. My mind has expanded and I’ve reached higher consciousness and I’m fully aware. I am apart of you Lord. But Lord why is all this very important to me? It’s like I want to be the key to unlock the door and unlock a mystery withheld from mankind.

Tell me more because I want to know more. Feed me more spiritual things, things that is unspoken of, things that are unimagined. Take me deeper into your mind and when I understand I will be filled with so much joy and happiness inside. It’s like I need all of you. Your very thoughts I want to be connected too. Who thinks this way all of the times? You are the source where I get my energy. Without you I die. That’s how I picture Love itself. That’s the love I want. A connection that no one can come between, an unbreakable love. A love that creates. I long for this Love. It’s all within me. I can’t seem to shake this feeling from myself. I’m looking for my soul mate, my partner my other half. Where is he Father? Who is he because I want that eternal bond? I need that love. I want him to feel what I feel inside. So when we meet there is an explosion. Similar to a burst of flames of fire. Solar flares come to mind. That love is just that powerful that everything in the vicinity feels the solar storm and the heat waves. I know that my imagination is one of a kind but I enjoy my thoughts. I want that Love that burns forever in heaven. Let me have it. I have no children. But I want my kids to be created from Love and I want my family to stay close forever. Don’t we all?

Written by Sister Carter

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