Revelation on 9-21-2015: Preparing for the Day of Atonement

throne of judgment

Revelation on 9-21-2015: Preparing for the Day of Atonement

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I just got another revelation while the waters poured upon me. I saw a vision where the throne room was getting prepared. I saw the angels gathering and taking their seats in the courtroom in heaven. The angels were saying to themselves,”I hope we have done a good job with preparing his people. They will now be presented to the Father on the throne.” I saw an image of the Father sitting down with Yahshua on his right side. It’s like the court session was about to begin.

I immediately thought about all the preparation that the angels have assisted me with. Back in 2012 the angels were teaching me that I must have my house in order. They taught me that I needed to be purified and they taught me the Father’s commandments. I also stopped eating unclean foods and I became set apart. I had been in the wilderness preparing myself and during this time sin had to be purged out of me and I had to overcome the enemy. I had been tested and tried with many tribulations.  I messed up several times but I didn’t give up. The angels were preparing me to become like a wise virgin.

I began my ministry and I have received a wealth of knowledge over the course of 3 years. I have done so much work for the Kingdom of Heaven and I have prepared myself spiritually for the return of Yahshua. I have learned the fruits of the spirit and I have expressed love with my brothers and sisters. I have followed the Lamb everywhere and I have seeked the Most High like never before. It’s like the ministering spirits of heaven were preparing me to become a Bride. I have been going through a transformation for more than 3 years and I received my spiritual awakening code or number and I have been seeing repeating numbers since 2011. I have been experiencing so many things and I have been given many dreams and revelations during this period of time and I have put them on my ministry page to share with my brothers and sisters. But I know that few find wisdom and many people are too busy to read. I’m just glad that I didn’t reject the Holy Spirit and Yahshua when they came knocking on my door. I invited Yahshua in to eat with me and I have eaten the full word and received it gladly even though it was bitter at times. I have endured, kept the faith and experienced some losses during this time but I have received salvation and gained eternal life. HalleluYah! (Praise Yah) for everything that he is doing for me and for the children of Israel. We are truly blessed to have a loving Father. I love you all and please continue to prepare. I was given my robe of righteousness in a dream by an angel and he told me to walk in it. Truly this have been a blessing to share my experiences and testimonies with my people.

Daniel 7:9-10

I watched as thrones were put in place
and the Ancient One sat down to judge.
His clothing was as white as snow,
his hair like purest wool.
He sat on a fiery throne
with wheels of blazing fire,
10 and a river of fire was pouring out,
flowing from his presence.
Millions of angels ministered to him;
many millions stood to attend him.
Then the court began its session,
and the books were opened.

Written by Sister Carter

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