Dreams on 11/1/15 – Awakening

Blue Flame Lion

Shalom Brothers and Sisters I wanted to share 2 dreams that I  had this morning.

In one dream, I saw myself underwater in chains. At first i was struggling and then I calmed down and started meditating. At that time it was like my physical body and spiritual body became one and at that time I heard myself speaking in my mind and I was saying I became what my enemies feared most; I know exactly who I am. At the same time I said “I am AWOKEN!” I opened my eyes and there were blue flames in them. My whole body turned into a blue flame and the chains started melting, I flexed my muscles and the chains broke. I flew out of the water and I was a big blue fireball. I landed on the ground with one knee and my hands touching the ground not too far away. The world was in complete chaos, people were running around screaming and scared. As I stood up, a metal armor started to appear over my whole body starting at my feet and piecing itself together all the way up to the top of my head . My double edged sword appeared and when I squeezed it, it became covered in the same metal as the armor. In my head I heard a voice say this is the strongest metal in the world. I began walking towards something and then I woke up.

In my second dream, I saw Athaleyah (Sister Carter) writing in a book and I remember her saying that she needed to ask me where did I go. I suddenly appeared in the room where she was writing and she asked me where did I go. I was telling her all about it and then we agreed that we could not tell anyone that I figured out how to use my power of teleportation. I then teleported to see my father. It was late at night and he did not see me appear because he was asleep. he woke up and asked what i was doing there and I just said I wanted to see him. After i spoke with him. I left the room, went into an area by myself and teleported back to  where Athaleyah (Sister Carter) was.

Written by Obadiyah (Brother Whitfield)

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