Final Battle

fire and ice 2

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to share a vision I had while at work today (11/16/15).  I saw myself in the street and there were buildings burning and falling all around. There were people running on the sidewalks looking for a safe spot to hide. I looked up and saw a person a little ways down the street from me. It was my arch-rival/archenemy. I knew him because we had battled before. I was in my silver armor and I had my double edged sword in my left hand. There were blue flames in my eyes and my right hand was covered in a blue flame. My archenemy was in red armor and he was huge, he looked like Juggernaut from X-men. He had reddish pink flames in his eyes and he had the same reddish pink flame in his hands. In fact this scene was the same as the very first battle that I had with my arch-rival/archenemy. In our very first battle we ran at each other, I punched him as he was headbutting me, the force was so powerful that it knocked us both into different dimensions. We made it back to this realm for the final battle and I cannot say that we were on earth for certain. Where it all began is where it finally ends. Just as we were about to fight I came out of the vision. I kept hearing a voice softly telling me to make a final call to Israel.

Israel please wake up, this is it, we are getting close to the end. Please stay tuned I will be putting out the last call to Israel.

Written by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

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