Dream on December 4, 2015: Standing On Nibiru And Merging With My Light Body


Shalom Brother and Sisters! I wanted to share two dreams that I had on the morning of 12/4/15. In my first dream, I was on a red planet and I was looking around trying to figure out exactly where I was. I felt the wind blowing and I noticed a grayish black cloud forming at a center-point spinning like a small tornado and then the cloud expanded out. The smoke was rising up and it was engulfing the planet like a cloak. I had a strong sense that the planet was preparing to move. All I could think about was that I was on Nibiru (the destroyer). I believe Nibiru was about to start its way towards the earth for the final destruction.

In my second dream, I was sitting on a curb in the street and I saw myself as a spiritual being and I was shining bright, I was in a white garment and I had white light emanating from my eyes. My spiritual body was standing next to me and suddenly another spiritual being appeared and it was a female. I thought she was the Divine Mother, I said Mom? I couldn’t believe she was right in front of me. Her presence was peaceful and calming.  I no longer had stress, no more worries, and there was no more pain. I felt like I had been away from my mother for quite some time and with her being there I could finally rest. She gave instructions to me and my spiritual body. Me and my spiritual body did a high five motion and locked our fingers together. At that moment a giant burst of light filled the area. The light shot out in the form of sun rays like beams of light. The wind started to rise up from beneath us and whirlwinds with light spun around us. The light from the whirlwinds were beautiful. We began to merge and we became one. A massive amount of wind and waves of light emanated from us as we merged. I was completely absorbed by my spiritual body. I started to walk and wind was literally coming from beneath me. I could see tiny waves of wind rippling as I brought my foot down with each step that I took and then they would expand out when my feet touched the ground. There was so much power in my steps. As I moved the ground shook and you could hear each step.

I believe Nibiru is a sign that Yahshua is coming with our heavenly garments stored up in heaven. We will receive our incorruptible bodies when he returns. Yahshua is bringing life to all of those that have cleaned their robes, purified themselves and dedicated themselves to him. We are his faithful followers and he is coming to rescue us from all the wickedness and unrighteousness in this world.  The transformation will be complete when Yahshua returns  because we will be translated into our incorruptible bodies. We will be complete, perfect and pure again. We will finally get to go back home. This is our reward. So be glad and rejoice because our deliverance is coming. All the hard work we are doing is not in vain. We are going to receive our incorruptible bodies and be crowned. HalleluYah!!! Thank you Yahshua!!!!

Nibiru also represents the destroyer and just as Yahshua is bringing life to his righteous ones, he is bringing death and destruction to the unrighteous and the wicked. Nibiru is on the way. There is no time to play games. Nibiru is being seen in many areas of the world, many people do not want to take this seriously; however this is happening. In my dream Nibiru was cloaking itself and beginning to move. Time is running out. I have had dreams of the coming destruction. Please check out the post Dream on 12/6/15: Yahshua On A White Horse Ready For War, Dream on November 19, 2015: Judgment is Coming!!!, Dream on 11/29/15 – Time is Short, Nibiru: The Destroyer is returning! Part 1, Nibiru: The Destroyer is Returning! Part 2, Nibiru: The Destroyer is Returning! Part 3

The merging that I experienced with my spiritual body in my second dream showed me a couple of things. I was seeing the past, present and future when the merged occurred.  I was shown that I killed my flesh and let my spiritual being take over. I was walking in the fruit of the spirit and not under the works of the flesh. My desire and focus became wanting to walk completely under the Father’s  will and doing everything to please him. I was also shown an awakening, it was me coming into the realization of my higher self. I am now awake, I know that I am a guardian warrior and my powers consist of a blue flame of fire.  I also saw the final transformation that will take place when we merge with our incorruptible bodies. Many wonder how we will be translated into our bodies when Yahshua returns and I believe I saw it. I cannot say this is how it happens for sure, however I was shown this for a reason.

The Most High’s judgement is very near. It brings life and it brings death. The Most High has given us free will, so with everything that you have done in life, have you chosen life or death?

Written by ObadiYah (Brother Whitfield)

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