Dream on 12/18/15 – Twin Flames Reuniting And Becoming One

twin flames

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in my dream on December 18, 2015 I saw two physical beings coming together being intimate. While in the midst of them being intimate, the man opened his eyes and they were a pure blue light and the woman opened her eyes and they were a pure red light. There physical bodies melted away. The man was a blue energy being with blue flames emanating from him and the woman was a red energy being with red flames emanating from her. The two started producing all different colors as their intimacy intensified. I saw colors of green, yellow, orange, etc. emanating from the both of them. It was as if the two became one as the two flames intertwined.

vibration color

The two flames seemed to be reuniting. They were once far apart, however they found their way back to each other. I thought this dream was very interesting.

Written By Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

2 thoughts on “Dream on 12/18/15 – Twin Flames Reuniting And Becoming One”

  1. Please tell me more of what you know about Twin Flames. I have been led to this a few months back the whole Twin Flame topic. I have found a couple of scriptures eluding to it being Biblical but would like more info. There is much more to my story but I want to see what you have on this topic please.

    1. Could you expound more on this topic? An experience I had led me on a journey to stumble upon this concept. I’d like to have a correct and more deeper understanding. I have discovered a few things in the scriptures, but so much has been hidden.

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