Warning To The Hebrew Israelite Men

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***********LIONESS ARISING**************


The Most High has done it again. He has given me another POWERFUL dream. I feel sorry for the men that keep coming against me and the other daughters of the Most High. This dream confirms that the Most High has heard my cry and the cries of other women. I seeked the Most High last night and I went before his court and throne and pleaded my case of these Israelite men being disrespectful to me. I never in my ENTIRE life have felt so angry and so hurt. These Israelite men claim they love the Most High yet they are mistreating and disrespecting the daughters of the Most High Yah. The WOMAN brings forth life and they are disrespecting us like we are NOBODY. They are opening up their mouths and saying false things about us and calling us all types of names. These Israelite men are coming against the woman like we are their enemy. They don’t want us to speak or to teach the Word of Yah. They are trying to control us by telling us that we shouldn’t speak and if we do speak we are out of order. Really?

Enough is enough and I am officially fed up with this foolishness that is going on in Israel. Things are getting out of control and some of these men think they run somebody else’s household. Yesterday in my distress I called for the armies in heaven to come down to fight by battles. It manifested in my dream this morning and in the dream I lifted up my voice like a trumpet towards heaven and I yelled out Yahshua. Heaven opened and the armies of heaven came down. I will share the full dream later. But these Israelite men who are trying to control the woman done messed up NOW! Since you want to attack us your attack is going to come from above.

This is a warning to the Hebrew men who have come against the daughters of Yah who are following Yahshua and keeping his commandments. You better REPENT because there is a whole army of angels waiting at the gates (portals) of heaven NOW. This dream will manifest if this doesn’t STOP. Hebrew men please be careful what you speak out of their mouths against the daughters of Yah because we are his precious jewels and he will protect his daughters. YOU WILL NO LONGER DISRESPECT THE WOMAN!! Try the Most High if you want to and he will send his wrath.

Praise Yah for hearing my cry!!!!! I Love You Yahshua.

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Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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