Dream on January 2, 2015: I Called Yahshua and The Armies of Heaven Appeared!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters I wanted to share a dream that I had on the morning of January 2, 2015. Before I get into the dream on January 1, 2015 I was disrespected by a Hebrew Brother that claims to believe in the Word of Yah. He attacked me and called me several names and he was showing his true colors. After reading all the comments that this brother said about me I warned him and told him to be careful what he says out of his mouth but the brother continued disrespecting me. At this point I could no longer hold in my flames of fire. I was furious because of this brother’s wickedness. I immediately saw in the spirit that righteous judgment would go forth if he didn’t repent of the evil he spoke against me. The sad part is that he doesn’t even know me. He apologized and my flames subsided but a few seconds later after he apologized this demon attacked me again and went harder than before and he continued disrespecting me.

In the spirit I felt like an erupting volcano. Flames of fire were emanating off of my body and at that moment I transformed into my other form as an angel. I became “Queen of Fire, an angelic warrior of Yah, a flame of Fire!”

warrior angel 2

I tried to remain calm because I knew that I could only be released at my Father’s command so I withdrew my flames and my sword. Simultaneously I controlled my angelic powers in the spirit or in the heavenly realms. I have learned how to balance myself in this realm and it wasn’t always easy. I am aware that my flames of fire can be destructive which could be bad but my flames of fire can be purifying which can be good.

The Most High has reminded me it’s how you use your powers and what you use your power for. You can use your powers for good which brings forth justice in righteousness or you can use your powers for evil bringing harm and destruction to others in your wickedness. 

I have the understanding of this verse. Isaiah 45:7 states, ” I create the light and make the darkness. I send good times and bad times. I, the LORD, am the one who does these things.”

It is Yah who brings disasters which could be viewed as evil or bad but he also brings light, peace and blessings. Yahshua is the light but he is bringing a sword when he returns.

When I became angry I remembered all that my Father has taught me and that is to have Self-Control. I backed away from conversation and I went to my Father, who sits on the Throne.

The Word of Yah was in me and I put on my armor of Yah. I said, “The Flames of Fire are Coming and the Wrath of Yah will come upon the wicked. I let people know that I was calling the armies in heaven and and I asked, “Where my warriors at?” It was a done deal. I sent out the call and Warrior Mode was Engaged!”

I went to sleep and I had a dream and I will describe it as best as I can. In the dream I was dating this Hebrew Israelite man and I thought he was really cool. In the beginning of us dating he started asking me all types questions. I gave him my testimony and I told him that I woke up in 2012. He wanted to know my thoughts on wearing makeup and weave. I told him that I rarely wear makeup and that I love being natural. Then he asked me about my male best friend who is Obadiyah (Brother Whitfield) and I told him how we met.

In the dream I was so excited to tell him how we met because it was truly amazing. I told him we worked at the same company. We sat next to each other in training class and we also sat next to each other when we got out of training. We were always paired up. (This is a true story we were inseparable at that job). And that’s how we became best friends.

Then the scene changed and my male best friend (Obadiyah) came to visit me at my boyfriend’s house and by this time it appears that I had moved in with him. As I looked towards my best friend I saw that my boyfriend went towards him and stopped him. I saw them talking and they were talking for a while. I didn’t know what they were talking about but something seemed strange about it. I thought to myself, “Why hasn’t my best friend come to see me yet?” I knew something was off. My best friend turned around and headed the opposite way. I wondered what my boyfriend had said to him. After he did this I knew something was definitely off and I felt like he was trying to keep my best friend away from me. I realized that he was trying to control me and he was trying to control who I talked to. I was so disturbed by this.

Then I was on my phone and he asked me, “What are you doing?” You’re always on your phone. I told him about my ministry page and I showed the page to him. I was beginning to see signs of insecurity and jealously and I knew that I had to get away quick. What have I got myself into? Finally I had time to sneak away from the house and I went to my parents house. I was relieved that I had made it out. I called my best friend and I met up with him. I told him I left my boyfriend because he became controlling. Then I told him that i needed to go back to his house to get my things. Me and my best friend went to his house together and when we were standing at the front door my ex came up from behind us and he attacked my best friend.

This Israelite started punching Obadiyah really fast and this wasn’t normal. Obadiyah got up and ran really fast like he had some super powers. Both of them appeared to be super humans. (The War Began). First we were outside then we magically appeared inside of the house. They were fighting each other and all I saw were arms swinging and it was all happening so fast. I stood back and watched them fight but I saw that my ex was on top of Obadiyah and I became furious. I gained enough strength and courage and I joined the battle. My ex was a shapeshifter.

******A shapeshifter is an entity that has the ability to physically transform into another being or form.

He transformed into another being and he appeared to be a giant. I saw his muscles and he was a mighty one. This now reminds me of David fighting with Goliath. I tried to keep him off of me and my Obadiyah with my angelic super powers. In the dream it appeared that I had a some type of super strength power because I was able to keep this giant off of me and Obadiyah. While I was holding him back he tried to swing a punch at me but he punched himself in the face. He became dizzy and disoriented and he stumbled. He became angrier towards me and he raised up his arms against me and in slow motion I saw his fist coming towards me. I lifted up my voice like a trumpet towards heaven and I called out the name “Yahshua!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly the scene changed and I saw a group of mighty angels descending towards a circle which probably was a portal. They came down from heaven onto a platform and they stood on their feet. I had called the armies in heaven at the sound of my voice. Wow! This heavenly army that descended included males and females warriors. These warring angels came down and that showed me that the armies in heaven have me and Obadiyah’s back. What a great confirmation from Yah! HalleluYah! Thank you Yahshua! So they prepared us to leave on a flight, they prepared a location for us and we were going away for 3 nights because I remember the tickets for 3 days and then I woke up.

Brothers and Sisters this dream was absolutely amazing. There was a lot of things being revealed in this dream. In the beginning of the dream Yah revealed to me the true nature of some of these Israelite brothers. Some of them may seem to be cool but many of them are jealous, sneaky, deceiving, insecure, and most of all they are cowards. Many of them inwardly are ravening wolves and they are really devils walking around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. These devils are walking around in human form but Yah is revealing their true form. In the dream the Israelite brother turned into a Giant. He had the DNA of the fallen angels. Wow! He was not truly Israel!!!

Many of these Israelites walking around here preaching that the white man is the devil but some of them are devils themselves. It is the spirit that dwells inside of you and Yah has revealed this in my dream. Yah’s people are scattered everywhere and so is the seed of Satan. Remember the wheat and the tares will grow together until the great harvest. The enemy has planted his seed in all races. You will know them by their fruits. It is imperative that you know a good tree from a bad tree. The brother in my dream transformed from being a black man into a Giant and he was white. This brother’s true nature was the seed of the fallen angels. He is a worker of Satan. Yah is also telling all of us to stop worrying about the color of people’s skin. Devils are in all races of people. There are devils in every tribe of people on this earth. As above so below. There are many angelic races in the heavens and among the races many have fallen. So its not just the white race who has fallen. There’s some fallen ones in Israel. Remember Judas. Always keep that in mind. There are fallen ones in every race.

The enemy is sometimes our own people and we must stay alert. Yah showed me that these devils are out here amongst Israel.  I saw that for myself when that Israelite brother attacked me on my Facebook page. He was my enemy and he was looking for someone to devour and he chose me, a woman of Yah. I have been about my Father’s business and he came looking for a battle. When Obadiyah stepped in to warn this brother, he immediately blocked him and when another brother tried to correct him he blocked him too. His true nature was being revealed. He thought he was exposing me and he kept calling me lawless but he was exposing himself. Anybody can look at my ministry work and see what I have been doing. My ministry page speaks for itself. I have completely separated myself from this world (Babylon) and I have been seeking the Most High, the angels can testify to all of this. They are the ones who have been ministering to me.

But this brother was trying to put me in a corner and devour me and he prevented others from speaking to him. But when another Israelite woman stepped in he tried to devour that sister too. He didn’t block her, he started to attack that woman too. It seems like the devil is mad with the black woman. Hmm….He surely has something against the Black WOMAN!!!!

One thing that I do know is that I stood up to him and I wasn’t afraid of that brother’s words. I fear the Most High and what he can do to me. In my dream I stood up against that brother too. So much is being revealed about the devil and the woman. This is a battle that must of occurred in the beginning, in the heavens. I am quick to expose these devils and this probably happened in the heavenly kingdoms. I saw what Lucifer (Haylal/Satan) was trying to do and he was leading the angels astray from the Father commandments. He was trying to control the heavenly kingdoms and there was no order in his kingdom, it was lawlessness. He corrupted everything and I didn’t want to be apart of it.  I didn’t join sides with him I was against him. Haylal rebelled and so did 1/3 of the other angels. I am sure I said something and that’s why these devils attacked me, they wanted to start a war against me.

These brothers are always trying to tell the woman to shut her mouth, why is that? Why are they so angry with the woman? This is coming from somewhere and I’m starting to see more in the spirit. Satan is behind all of this and he is trying to use his workers on the earth to come against Yah’s people.

If they are coming at me on the earth then most likely they tried to come against me in the heavenly realms. I had to be in a battle in the heavens and I must have been slaying these demons and that’s why they have been after me since I have been born. In the dream I called Yahshua and the armies came so that means I could have been in the war in the heavens. If I called Yahshua that means he is the head of the army in the heavens. He is my commander and I go to the Father’s throne and I take orders from him. The Most High is revealing a lot of things about the war in the heavens and my memory is starting to come back which means I am awakening!!!Lioness Arising.

Written by Sister Carter (AthaleYah/Lioness of Yah)

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  1. Sister Carter (Athale Yah/Lioness of Yah),
    I understand you ,I fight with you.May you be blessed.
    Mahlon Wieland

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