Connecting To The Spiritual/Heavenly Realms

Shalom Brothers and Sisters I’m just sitting here meditating on my whole life and how everything is now aligning.  My dreams are connecting with Obadiyah’s (Brother Whitfield) dreams and I’m starting to discover many things. The Most High brought us together for a purpose and he paired us up from the very beginning. I remember a time when I gazed deeply into his eyes and it felt like we were 2 magnets attracting each other. I was being pulled towards him for some reason and I couldn’t understand why at the time. Our bond grew stronger as time passed by and it felt like the the Most High paired us together to be ONE.


We operate as a team and we have been inseparable since mid 2013! He is my best friend and I love him very much. Before I met him I was on my spiritual journey with the Most High and I knew that it was a purpose why he was placed in my life. My assignment was to wake him up spiritually and I succeeded. I was still in the process of awakening spiritually myself and there was a lot of things that I experienced in the spirit that I couldn’t understand. I always shared my experiences with him and he was always willing to listen and learn. At that time he was the only one that I could talk to about my spiritual experiences. I was seeking the Most High everyday for answers because I deeply desired to understand what was happening to me. I was changing so fast and picking up many things in the spirit.

When I gazed into Obadiyah’s eyes we connected instantly. A strong connection was linked between us in the spirit world and I think it’s a possibility that we once knew each other in another realm before we were born on this earth. The other day I envisioned being called to Yah’s throne from a galaxy that I lived in in the universe and Obadiyah was being called from another galaxy in the universe. It seem like Yah called us from two different Kingdoms in the Universe and he had a mission for us both. I saw him telling us that we would be sent to the earth to complete a mission and that we would link up at the appointed time. We would work together on the earth as his servants. (These are just my thoughts on what happened).

I had other visions where I told Obadiyah that my Father sent him to the earth as my guardian and that he was sent to protect me.  I’m not sure if this is exactly what’s happening but this is what I envisioned and this is what I was feeling in the spirit.

I had a dream where I was in Egypt possibly Ancient Egypt. I was standing with other people and this black man was reading something  by a brick wall and I believe he reference the daughter of RA (In the dream it represented the Creator Yah). I can’t remember fully, but he said it was a woman, a goddess returning and he said that he was trying to find her.

He was checking out all the women that were standing around and in the dream I knew he was talking about me and it was me that he was looking for. I saw Obadiyah and I told him and we escaped on a boat and we went across the river. The same man that was looking for the daughter of Ra appeared suddenly in the water. He was fully covered in the water and his head was above the water and he was coming closer to us in the boat. He then attacked Obadiyah who was my guardian in the dream and they both went under the water. Then suddenly as the man was rising up out the water I hovered over the water and he couldn’t catch me and then I woke up. I never understood why he was after me in the dream but I had to be somebody important because he was trying to catch me.

In the year September 2013 I had a dream and in the dream I was talking with Obadiyah when suddenly this person came flying through the glass window and the glass was scattered out all over the room. Suddenly Obadiyah and I lifted up in the air and we were hovering in mid-air. We transitioned into warrior mode quickly and we started to battle against the person who flew in our window to attack us. When I woke up from the dream it was revealed that we were both Mighty Warriors of Yah and that’s why our ministry is called, “Mighty Warriors of Yahweh Kingdom Ministries.” We are both mighty warriors of the Most High Yah. I always told him that he was the key to something and the other night I was given a dream where I was told that I was the keeper of an Ancient Key.

It appears that this key will unlock many mysteries. I was given knowledge on this key and my ancient symbol was revealed. I have learned that my key opens the door to infinity and it points to the Alpha and Omega. My number was “0” and I saw the symbol of a circle. Could I have the key to unlocking the mysteries of the End? I know that I have knowledge within me from the Beginning to the End only because my Father (The Creator) lives in me. In many of my dreams I have traveled though different realms in time and space and I bent space. As you will see below in our dreams we are connected. In Obadiyah’s dream he saw me bending space.

In Obadiyah’s dream on June 24, 2014 he said, “I believe The Most High was showing me how time and space worked. Sister Carter was in the dream and she put up her hand. It seemed as though the destination she wanted to go to was bent to her. Like in this instance the future (where she wanted to go) was bent to the present (her current position). It happened like an instant transmission. I saw the actual space bending and it was very interesting. The best way that I can describe it is that Sister Carter held her hand up in front of her and I saw the space bend to her and then it unfolded and took her to the spot instantaneously.  I believe the Most High was showing me how time and space worked. I wondered if that is how Yahshua and the angels traveled.”

In my dream on July 30, 2015 I said, “Then I appeared back in the house and I was looking towards this wall but something was there. I was supposed to focus on this particular area and at this time I had control so I wanted to see what else I could do. So I was thinking let me see if I can see my hand and my hand came in front of me and I waved my hand and it’s like I was bending through space. Was I bending time and space and was I traveling through time? I don’t know what was going on but space moved side to side like a ripple in space. It looked like a wave. I have no idea what I did and remind you I was vibrating the whole time and hearing this high pitch buzzing sound or frequency. Well that must mean that I’m vibrating at a high frequency.

I don’t know what Yah was trying to tell me but I know that I am light because I come from the Creator of the Universe and my energy comes from the Creator. When I think about all of this maybe I was traveling through time. Maybe Yah was trying to take me to another level or a higher dimension. I do seek wisdom every day and I have asked him to show me a lot of things so I guess he is taking me on a journey to the higher realms.

The Most High has been revealing my existence before I was born on the earth. I am apart of the universe and the universe is in me. The truth is we are all connected to the universe.

In a previous post I said that a heavenly body has been released in the heavens and I thought about a dream by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah) where he was standing on a red planet.

In Obadiyah’s dream on December 5, 2015 he said, “I was on a red planet and I was looking around trying to figure out exactly where I was. I felt the wind blowing and I noticed a grayish black cloud forming at a center-point spinning like a small tornado and then the cloud expanded out. The smoke was rising up and it was engulfing the planet like a cloak. I had a strong sense that the planet was preparing to move. All I could think about was that I was on Nibiru (the destroyer). I believe Nibiru was about to start its way towards the earth for the final destruction.

Obadiyah had another dream and he said I remember a scene in which it was being reported that a huge asteroid was on the way. I heard a voice say that Yahshua and the angels were on the way. I was told that I could not be given an exact time; however it was not an asteroid and Yahshua and the angels were on the way.

In many of my posts I have revealed many things about this planet called Nibiru who is known as The Destroyer to the Egyptians in the ancient times. Also in the bible Yah sent the destroyer to Egypt during the time of the exodus.

Exodus 12:23 states, “For the LORD will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when he seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two side posts, the LORD will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you.”

10 Plagues were sent unto the Ancient Egyptians and afterwards the children of Israel were delivered out of the land Egypt. Well to me it appears to be the same thing that will happen in the end. The 7 last plagues will be sent on the earth which is the whole world. That means every land or continent because wickedness has spread to the whole earth even in Jerusalem. The elect who is God’s people will be delivered out of the 4 corners (ends) of the earth . On a wide scale that means the east, west, north and south of every land on this earth. The Most High’s children are indeed scattered out over the whole earth.

If we want to learn we must read the Word of God and other sources to gain knowledge. We must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to us in every thing that we read. The truth is that there is a object that has entered our solar system. The world is awakening and many of God’s children are having dreams and visions because we are all connected to the source (Creator). We are all connected to the universe and we are all awakening and having similar dreams and many are prophetic dreams. Many people can interpret them and many can’t. Regardless of what the world says, the Most High is sending his children a message and we must hearken to the Spirit. We must continue to seek wisdom especially from the ancient ones because what happened in the past will happen again. Keep your eyes open and your ears open because many mysteries will continue to be revealed from the sons and daughters of Yah. Me and Obadiyah are awake and connected to the source (Creator) so are you awake and aware of the messages that the Most High is sending from the higher heavens?


 Written by Sister Carter (AthaleYah)

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