Dream on January 19, 2016: In The Throne Room

Shalom Brothers and Sisters. There was a dream I had last year that I was taken back to again last night (1/19/16).  In the dream I was flying through a crystal blue sky and I had huge wings. I flew towards a kingdom that sat on top of a mountain overlooking a crystal blue ocean. There was a bright gold light shining from the kingdom. I landed in a garden that opened up to the throne room of the kingdom. There were people in the throne room waiting to hear from the king. I was walking through the throne room towards the throne and the people started moving back out of the way, making way for me to get through.  As I made my way through the throne room I noticed that there were two other angelic beings behind me. The people knew who we were and were happy to see us. Me and the other angels reached the king and we immediately knelt before him. The king was Yahshua. I saw his feet which were a burnt brass color and he was wearing a white robe. He greeted us as we were returning from a mission that he had sent us out on. I was so happy to see him. Yahshua issued us new orders. We got up and walked back towards the garden. Once in the garden we ran to the edge of the mountain and jumped. Our huge wings opened and we started soaring through the sky.

I can’t believe it I was in New Jerusalem and I got to kneel before Yahshua in front of his throne. I finally made it back home after being on a long mission. As my dream showed there was more work to be done so Yahshua sent me back out.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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