Chosen By The Most High, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Shalom, I just want to say that I am so happy that the Most High delivered me from my sins. I am no longer partaking in the sins of the world (Babylon). HalleluYah and thanks to Yahshua. He called me out of the world and he told me that I had work to do and I obeyed. Ever since I have been on my spiritual journey I’ve felt so alone in this world. I only have a couple of friends now and I feel so isolated from this world. My whole reality changed back in 2012 when I surrendered my life to the Most High. It happened so suddenly when I was called up to heaven. Ever since I was caught up in the spirit my whole reality changed because I had entered the spiritual realm. When I descended back on this earth my mind was changed forever because I experienced the spiritual realm.

People may not understand everything that I post on my ministry page but I know for a fact that I was chosen by the Most High himself. I know that I have been sealed in my forehead and when the plagues come, just like the plagues came in Egypt, they will pass over me because the blood of the Lamb (Yahshua) protects me. I’m not like most of these Hebrew brothers and sisters who dress up in Hebrew garments or wrap their heads as if they are holy and set apart. The outer appearance don’t mean nothing because it’s what’s on the inside that matters. You can dress like you holy all day long but if your heart is not pure, you are only deceiving yourselves. The Most High looks deep within the hearts of men and he knows the true identity of every person on this earth. He knows your true intentions and he knows all of your thoughts so you can’t hide anything from him. I’m not a follower of any Hebrew camp, or any man-made religion. I don’t allow people to control me and I definitely don’t allow man-made religion to keep me in bondage. There are too many denominations in the Christian Church and it’s causing too much division among Yah’s people. In these Churches there are too many different beliefs and practices and people are being deceived.

I’m a follower of Yahshua and I follow the spirit not man. People will always come against me no matter what and I have accepted this because I know I am chosen. Just like Moses talked to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob revealed himself to me and I heard his voice. I had a conversation with him and many people probably can’t relate to the things that I bring forth and I’m ok with that. I don’t expect people to follow me, I am sent only to lead people to the Father. It’s the same thing that Yahshua did. People don’t have to believe me because I’m not trying to please man I am simply doing the will of my Father. He gave me a mission to do and I have been doing my work for the Most High. Many people always claim that they are chosen just because they know they are Israelites but it’s much more than that. Many are called but few are chosen.

If the Most High has chosen you specifically then he will appear to you like he appeared to his people in the bible. The Most High speaks to his people in many ways and he always speaks to them through dreams and visions. He even sends angels to minister to them. The people who are walking in the spirit will hear his voice and when and if he speaks to you I hope you are paying close attention to his messages. He has given me plenty of messages to send to the children of Israel and to the gentiles. I really don’t know who is listening but my Father knows who is paying attention to his messages. The Most High revealed himself to me and told me what I was going to do and I hearkened to him. I chose to be obedient and he has been guiding my footsteps this whole time. I hope and pray that people choose to follow the spirit and stop following the world and their beliefs and practices. Stick to the Word of God and allow the spirit to lead you into all truth. Much love to you all.

Written by Sister Carter (AthaleYah)

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