Dream on 2/20/16: Time Travel and Portal Opening

Shalom Brothers and Sister! I wanted to share a dream that I had on 2/20/16. In the dream I was a physicist working in a laboratory. I had discovered an unlimited power source that would help the world; however because of what happened to Nikola Tesla, I did not want to reveal the information to anyone. I made everyone in the laboratory agree to secrecy and not reveal any of the information. The scene changed and I began to wave my hand. A cloud of pure energy formed radiating blue and purple. Every so often a blur of purple lightning streak would spring forth from the cloud. I realized that the cloud was a portal. I waved my hand again and the portal changed shape and started rotating like a whirlwind which signified time being sped up. I waved my hand again and the portal went back to its original form signifying that time had been slowed down and returned to normal. I waved my hand again and scenes from the future appeared in the portal. I saw a scene in which chariots were descending upon the earth and I believe I was actually watching Yahshua’s return and the righteous being delivered up from the earth. I waved my hand once more and I saw scenes from the past such as people riding horses in an old western town and things of that nature. I began to work on understanding how the portal works and I kept seeing the below design appear.


It was a square inside of a circle and there were white and blue lights emanating from the four corners of the square. The lights came forth from the four corners and converged at a single point. In essence the four became one. At the very point that the four converged becoming one, they split back out and connected to the four corners of another square in a circle set not too far away from it. I remember saying that is how the portal works. I went on to say that the time inside the portal becomes a single point so every existence of time itself is connected in the same place. Now as one is traveling through the portal all of the existence of time is held within it. The times they are choosing to go to is at the very center of the converged point; therefore when the traveler gets to the converged point they are immediately catapulted towards their destination and then all of the existence of time is diverged back out to its normal positions in the timeline.

Written by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

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