Dream in January 2015: Volcano Erupting

volcano eruption

Shalom brothers and sisters in January 2015 I had a dream of a volcano erupting. This is the second dream that I had of a volcano erupting. I just wonder if this is another warning. There are a lot of things going on across the world and I know the Most High is sending his people signs with warnings. Now I can’t remember the whole dream but I do remember saying something about an ash cloud in the dream. As I started to flee away I felt heat behind me and then I saw a huge fireball pass by me. Sparks of fire came down and all I can remember were people fleeing away. I saw many cars in front of me and they were stuck in traffic on the expressway. There was no way out of the city  because it was too much traffic. It seem like the whole city was evacuating.  Me and my family fled on foot and I remember standing by a river. I then looked up towards heaven and I saw what looked like the moon and it was day time. I stood there waiting for Yahshua to return.  It’s like I knew it was close to the time of his return. Then I woke up.  

This dream is very interesting to me. It appears that a major disaster is coming. Where? I don’t know but I know in the near future a volcano is going to erupt and it’s going to be devastating. I don’t know when this will happen but I had this dream in January 2016. When I fled on foot, it appears that I was running through a desert, it was a very large area and no houses around, it’s like I was in the wilderness or something. All I can say is something is definitely coming and it seem like it’s going to be unexpected. Please be ready for the coming of the Lord at all times. The Passover Feast is coming soon and all I can say is, “You don’t want the Destroyer to come your way because disaster after disaster follows.” The earth is already shaking and falling apart. We all need to stay prepared and we need to continue to watch all the signs that the Most High is giving us. Keep your eyes open and your ears open. Pray that you are worthy to escape the things that are coming upon this earth. We must endure till the end saints.

Father Yah please protect all of your children from all the coming plagues and judgments that will be poured out on the world. Please pass over us Father and keep us safe no matter where we are located at. in this world. Father please send your angels to us and let your angels lead and guide us to safety at all times. I know your children are scattered out over the whole world and I know soon we will all be gathered up by the angels when Yahshua returns. Help us Father in these ends days and give us strength to endure all things. When we are weak please be our strength Father. In the mighty name of your son Yahshua Ha’Mashiach. Halleluyah!!    

Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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