End Time Mockers: The Days of the Destroyer!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters I had to delete myself from the group called Nibiru Countdown on Facebook. It’s a lot of people in that group who are very disrespectful. It’s suppose to be a group that shares information but instead they were mocking my beliefs and one dude called me out of my name. I shared some information by posting scriptures and here comes the attacks. They were disrespecting Yahshua and if they disrespected Yahshua they are disrespecting the Father, which is the Light of the Universe. One dude threatened to hack my computer to get revenge on me all because I’m a believer. I stood up for Yahshua and I spoke the truth regardless. I’m not afraid of their words. I actually feel sorry for them because I know what is coming on the earth. The wrath which comes from the heavens is serious. I know from the word that there will be end time mockers so they can laugh at me and mock me all they want too. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.  I have a mission to accomplish on this earth and I can’t be distracted because TIME IS SHORT!

I am AthaleYah (Lioness of God) when I am fighting these demons out here. I don’t mess with nobody at all. All I want to do is share the truth with others. I don’t force my beliefs on nobody. If you don’t believe than you don’t believe. I’m was just sharing what the Word says about unbelievers. This group on Facebook watches and prepares for Nibiru but they won’t watch and prepare for the return of Christ. I understand now that we will all see things differently. When you share information from a biblical point of view some people will attack you because they don’t see things from a biblical point of view. I just thought it was suppose to be a group that shares information about Nibiru regardless of what you believe in.  Many can’t comprehend the sign of the second coming of Yahshua. With the wisdom that the Creator gives me I believe this object Nibiru is going to cause the destruction on the earth. We are already experiencing an increase in sink holes, earthquakes, floods, storms, volcano’s erupting, blood rivers, strange weather etc. I have been warning these people in that group but they are too blind to see and too deaf to hear what the spirit is saying, truly they are lost. I tried to share some wisdom with that group as always some will  hearkened to the spirit and some won’t. I completed a part of my mission.

Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah-Lioness of Yah)

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