Dream In February 2016: The 4 Angelic Beings With Elemental Power


Shalom Brothers and Sisters, I wanted to tell you about a dream I had over the course of about a 3 day period.

There was an angelic being in purple armor. He was on a planet made of complete rock. He had a sword that was buried half way into the earth. The hilt of the sword had purple lightning radiating from it which caused rocks from the planet to be gathered to it. The angelic being pulled the sword out of the planet and became covered in rock as well. The angelic being flew up into space and headed towards earth which could be seen in the distance. I then saw another angelic being on a planet made of complete water. I could not see his armor; however his sword was also buried half way into the planet. There was yellow lightning emanating from the sword and water from the planet gathered over it. The angelic being grabbed the sword and when he pulled the sword out of the planet, his whole body became water.

The sword remained solid; however water continued to flow over the sword. The angelic being flew into space towards the earth. I saw the same events with an angelic being on a planet of fire and a planet of wind. I cannot remember the color of their armor or lighting; however like the others there swords were buried half way into the planet and gathered the element of the planet. Once the angelic being pulled the sword out like the other angelic beings they became the element of the planet. The angelic being on the planet of fire became a burning flame and the sword was covered in a fire. The angelic being on the wind planet became covered in wind. The wind circled and whipped around the angelic being. Like the others these angelic beings also flew into space towards the earth. Four angelic beings coming from four different planets, from four corners of the universe. It was like the angelic beings were waiting until the appointed times to pull their swords out and embark on their journey.

The angelic beings composed of earth, water, fire and air (wind) met up with each other while flying and immediately set up in formation while flying towards the earth. The four angelic beings landed on the earth digging their swords halfway into the earth as they landed on one knee. It’s like each of the angelic beings shedded some of their elemental form when they drove their swords into the earth. The force of the landing sent out a massive wave which causde the earth to ripple and crack. The Earth angelic being’s sword caused the earth to crack and all the land started to shift and massive earth quakes occurred all over the world. The Fire angelic being’s sword caused every volcano on the earth to erupt. Even the fire within the earth burst out of the earth. The fire mixed with flying chunks of earth creating fireballs of burning rocks that looked like burning mountains falling to the earth. The Water angelic being’s sword caused all of the water on the earth to burst high into the air. As it was falling back down to the earth, thunderstorms erupted all over the earth. All of the water was raging and crashing into each other. Tsunamis also formed and crashed into the shifting earth. The water also created mudslides.

The Wind angelic beings sword created tornadoes all over the world. There were even fire-whirls/fire tornado (tornadoes of wind and fire) and waterspouts (tornadoes of wind and water). As the dust settled from the impact of the four angelic beings, I saw them in what appeared to be in their natural forms (the form they appeared in prior to being completely covered by the elements). They were now covered in a metallic elemental armor. The Earth angelic being had on a rock armor with a earth wind shield (a whirlwind with rocks continually spinning around him). The Fire angelic being had on a fire armor with a fire shield. The Water angelic being had on a water armor with a water shield and the Wind angelic being had on a wind armor with a wind shield. The thing that shocked me the most was when I saw the Wind angelic being in the armor, I actually saw a face and it was my face.

Written by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

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