Dream on April 14, 2016: Receive Salvation

Shalom Brothers and Sister I just want to share a short dream that I had a few days ago. In the dream I was taken up to heaven and I saw something  coming. The Most High allowed me to see the planet that was coming towards the earth. All I can remember was feeling worried as I traveled near it in space. For some reason I was allowed to fly back up into heaven to track Nibiru. In the dream it’s like I knew when it would arrive and I knew that it would cause major destruction on the earth and to me it seem like it was a countdown.

Then the scene changed in my dream and I appeared in an apartment and I remember this white elderly man coming into my apartment holding a baseball bat. He was a neighbor from downstairs and he seemed really disturbed. He then asked me for some money and he became really frightened. He picked up his bat like he was going to use it if I didn’t give him some money.  Then I told him I would give him $1000. After I told him this he started to walk out of the door. I was worried about him because he seemed really shaken up by something. So I asked him what is going on? Why do u need this money?

He said it’s coming and I have to leave. I automatically knew what he was referring to because I was taken into heaven to see what was coming. I told him there’s nowhere to go or hide when it arrives. Then I saw his wife walking up the stairs and she appeared scared too. I then asked both of them if they knew Yahshua. They nodded their heads and said yes. Then I asked them, “Have you ever received salvation?” They both said no. So I went back in my apartment to get my bible because I wanted to speak to them about receiving salvation. I wanted to comfort them so I told them that they could stay with me. I also wanted them to read my posts and watch some videos. The last thing I remember is telling them about a promise Yahshua made to me in a dream that I had. I told them that he was coming to us. Then I woke up.

There are 7 messages in this dream that the Most High is sending.

  1. Nibiru is coming and the world will be in chaos.
  2. Nibiru will cause chaos and destruction on the earth.
  3. People will fear the things that is coming on the earth.
  4. Many people will try to flee in the last days and some people will think their money can save them.
  5. People will cause panic and may bring harm to others because they will be in survival mode.
  6. Receiving salvation is very important in these last days. If you haven’t receive salvation it is time to seek the Father now.
  7. Believe in the promise that Yahshua made. In one of my dreams Yahshua made a promise to me and he told me that he would come to get me tomorrow. At that particular time in the dream he showed me a glimpse into heaven through a portal and I wanted to go but it wasn’t time yet. So this is a scripture that I always think about when I think about Yahshua returning to get me. John 14:3 states, “When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.” I truly miss Yahshua because that dream seemed so real and that dream still gives me hope till this very day.

My dear brothers and sisters it is evident that something is approaching the earth in these last days and we don’t know the day or the hour when Nibiru will return or when Yahshua will return. We must be ready at all times. The most important message from the dream is that if you haven’t received salvation it is time to do so now because the Most High is on the way with his wrath and judgment. Yahshua and his angels are coming to deliver God’s people because his people are not appointed to God’s wrath. Money can’t save you in these last days. We know that the kings of the earth and the rich people of the earth will flee to their luxury underground bunkers but that’s not going to save them from the judgment of the Most High. Let’s continue to prepare spiritually and stock up on water and food because we may have to go through some tribulation before Yahshua arrives. Let’s be wise brothers and sisters! Love you all.

Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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