Dream on April 20, 2016: Archangel Raphael Appeared And A Flood Was Sent

Shalom Brothers and Sisters I just woke up from having a few dreams. I was so tired that I couldn’t get up to write what I remembered from the first dream until a tingly sensation was felt on the top of my head. That sensation actually woke me up and then I remembered certain images from my dreams.
In  my dream a man became a great tree and the tree grew really tall and strong. This man controlled all of the people in the land. I heard a loud sound or an alarm come out of his kingdom and that’s when I saw hundreds, possibly thousands of people coming out to worship this man. As I walked through the land it was a very strange sight to see because all of the people looked possessed like they were taken over. Surely the people’s minds were being controlled. People were getting out of their cars and they headed towards the great tall tree.
It was so strange because the man transformed into the tall tree and I saw the branches grow. I believe the tall tree represents a Kingdom and the black man was the King/Ruler of that Kingdom or Government. There were so many people that followed the image of the great tall tree, all those people were drawn to that Kingdom and it’s like all the people were controlled by the Beast (Kingdom). It seemed like I was the only one that wasn’t being controlled.
Then I  saw a woman walk up to the tree and it’s like she worshipped the tree. Then her form changed and she was like a sand statue built into the wall. It was really weird and it’s so hard to describe what I saw but the sand statue appeared to be alive only for a moment so I could see what had happened to her. I saw that she was killed by another woman. Maybe the sand statue was in remembrance of that woman. I’m just not sure.
But as I walked through the city it appeared that I was the only one that didn’t worship the image of the great tall tree nor was I controlled by his kingdom. I saw the man or king again and we had a conversation and he said do you remember the dream that I told you about with Raphael. The king had been warned in a dream from the archangel Raphael and he had the dream before his Kingdom grew. It’s like he was terrified of the archangel Raphael. Then the scene changed in the dream and I appeared near the King and the man threw a Ninja Shuriken which looks similar to the picture below.
I tried to grab it and it cut my hand and my hand started bleeding. After this is when Raphael and an army of other angels appeared. They were ready to battle and I asked for a weapon and a small blade was given to me and I joined their army.  I can’t remember what happened after this point but I think this is all very interesting because I’m thinking of the prophet Daniel when he was in Babylon and when Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a Great Tree. I wonder why this dream was given to me. Surely the Most High is saying something especially if the archangel Raphael appeared in my dream. The Most High’s angels are always showing up in my dreams and they are always giving me revelation in these last days. Please pray for revelation on this dream and I will also continue to meditate on this dream.
In the second dream I remember a flood. The flood waters kept rising and rising and it was hundreds, possibly thousands of people taken away by the flood. The flood waters reached above the bridge and I saw people trying to swim but as the water started to rise up the people went under. Then I saw a Hebrew woman with her head wrapped on a white boat with her children and another Hebrew sister came up to the boat and she tried to get on the boat but it was no room for her. The woman placed her hands on her head and she appeared very distraught because she was not able to get on the boat and the boat left and the woman was left behind. 
Before I had the flood dream I was somewhere and the day was Friday. Not sure if that means anything regarding the dreams but Passover is coming up this Friday at sunset. I’m super excited about the Most High’s feast days. All I can say is prepare for things to come. If you haven’t prepared yourself spiritually in these last days it’s best to start now. It’s definitely time to come out of Babylon (the world). Do not partake in the sins of the world. If you do then the plagues may come against you. Brothers and Sisters please repent of all of your sins, forgive others and purify your temple (body). Please turn back to the Most High now while there is still time. Please surrender your life and dedicate your life to the Heavenly Father because he loves you very much.
The best advice that I  can pass on to you is to keep the Father’s commandments through Christ, receive salvation, and flee from sin and all evil and wickedness. To my dear brothers and sisters please continue to pray and develop a closer relationship with our heavenly Father and his son Yahshua Ha’Mashiach. Allow the Father and his holy spirit to guide your footsteps. Hopefully you would have the desire to become one with the Father.  Our Creator is the light of the Universe and he lives inside of each and every one of his children. Let the Father’s light come upon you.
Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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