Dream on June 1, 2016 – Guardians Returning Home

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to share a dream that I had on June 1, 2016. I had a dream where I was in a house; however the inside of the house looked like the inside of an ancient temple. I was with a young kid who I called my brother. He was young and held onto my hand.  It was a little strange because when he held my hand it  unlocked hidden knowledge within me. I started to change the structure of the walls of the ancient temple with my mind. I made different stones appear and disappear. I even started to put shapes and objects on some of the stones that I made appear.  I then looked at the ceiling; it was a painting that was blurry. I saw myself and I could see a female with red flowing hair next to me. At that moment my brother and I knew it was time to go. I headed towards the door and when I opened it Sister Carter was standing at the door.

My brother disappeared. I took Sister Carter by the hand and we started walking through a jungle; however there were houses in the jungle. We saw various people while walking and they asked us were we going to someone’s house (I cannot remember the name that the various people mentioned in the dream). Sister Carter and I were speaking to each other with our minds (telepathy). We told each other that it was time to go home. We knew we were not from this planet and that we were the guardians of the planet. We knew we needed to go home and that we could protect the planet from our home because we had fully realized our powers. We decided that we would just agree with everyone and tell them that we were going to someone’s house for help. We did not want to reveal that we were going home and that we were guardians of the planet.

Sister Carter and I walked to an area that had a ditch in the ground (like a shallow sink hole). There was a bag in the ground. We knew we had to get in the bag and the ditch would be filled with water and then frozen so that we could make our trip. We entered the transport bag and I zipped it up over us. Then various people in the jungle appeared around the ditch and started filling it with water.  The water froze and a blue beam appeared over us. We started to ascend towards our metallic chariot that was hovering above the earth. Then there was a beam coming from the chariot and it transported us inside. Once we were inside our ship the beam turned off. Then I woke up.

Written by Brother Whitfield (Obadiyah)

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