Dream on June 4, 2016: Fighting A Demon And Being Delivered By The Father

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Shalom Brothers and Sisters I had a dream this morning and it was very interesting. The Most High allowed me to see how a demon can take over a person when a person gets angry. Warning: Please don’t allow someone to get you so angry that you commit a sin. Ephesians 4:26-27, “And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry.”

In the dream I was trying to save someone from drowning. After I saved the man from drowning I started to yell and scream at the other person who was just standing there watching the man drown. I couldn’t understand why he just stood there while the man was struggling in the water. For some reason I had enough strength to save the man by myself. Afterwards I turned to the other man and I became really angry with him. Then all of a sudden I started to transform and something took over my body. I then saw that it was a demon and the demon was within me. It’s like I invited him due to my anger. I saw that the demon was very angry and the demon was screaming and yelling just like I was doing. The Most High showed me that demons are associated with anger. When I was yelling and screaming I could see that people were afraid of me and my image.

In the spirit I saw the image of the demon and so did the people and that’s why they were frightened. But the demon took over me and it was controlling me. In the spirit I was fighting with this demon and I commanded for it to leave my body but the demon didn’t want to leave from me because I had given power to the demon by getting angry. The demon fought with me and we continued to fight. I wanted full control over my body but he did too. I was fighting the demon of anger and I wanted to destroy that demon. As I was fighting with this beast I realized that I couldn’t do it by myself so I prayed to the Father and I called on the name of Yahshua. After I did this the Father showed up immediately but he came in the form of some type of living being.  Then the Father placed his hand upon my body and pulled the demon out of me and in a blink of an eye people saw me transform into my true form and I became a light being. They saw my spiritual form and I was shining bright. It happened so fast and I felt the change in my body. After this happened I bowed to the Father and thanked him for saving me. He delivered me from that demon.

I thought this was an amazing dream because the Father is confirming what really happens when people get angry. It is very important for people to know that demons are attached to sin.  Sin is increasing all over the world which means there are armies of demons taking over the world. It is time for people to wake up because darkness is spreading all over the earth. Demons (evil spirits) are controlling people through their sin and many people don’t even realize it. If people could see into the spirit realm I’m sure they will be frightened by the sight of the demons that are dwelling with them. The truth is man gives power to these demons. Take away their power by getting rid of sin in your life. Just know when you put up a fight they will fight back and you will need the Father’s help. He will send his angels to fight for you. If you keep committing sin the demons will not leave from you, they will increase and you will continue to be in bondage. Demons keep you away from the truth that’s why so many people are deceived in this world. Come out of the world and put on your armor of God. It’s time to battle these demons. Destroy them by getting rid of sin. The Father can and will help you.

Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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  1. May Yahweh bless you and give you all the understanding that you need when the time of the end commences. Joel 2:32

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