Chariots From Heaven!

Shalom Bothers and Sisters I wanted to share something about the chariots from heaven. In all the wisdom that the Father has given me I am getting an understanding. When I receive information from the spirit I share it with others. I talk about the chariots all of the time because the chariots interests me. I have been been caught up in chariots several times in my dreams and it is simply amazing and mind blowing.

A chariot is a vehicle and the bible mentions flying chariots. The angels ride in them, they fly swiftly through the heavens and many times they are cloaked in the clouds of heaven. The chariots are glowing objects and sometimes they hide in the clouds as they travel in the earth’s atmosphere. It is time for people to get an understanding that the Most High sends angels/messengers from distant worlds in the heavenly realms and they travel on heavenly chariots.

The glory of the Father can be seen in these heavenly ships because they are really bright. This may be hard for some people to understand but when you research, meditate on the Word and ask the Most High for wisdom, the Holy Spirit will descend upon you and your eyes and ears will be opened to the spiritual things. Surely the Most High reveals his secret things to his prophets so follow the Spirit at all times and you will be led to the gates of wisdom.

Most importantly the Most High’s chariots are not of this world and they are equipped with much power. They can destroy worlds so please keep this in mind. If the Most High wants to send his wrath to the earth he can send an army of chariots from heaven to descend to the earth and with all of their power they can shake the earth from it’s core. 

*This is not to cause fear but to enlighten others of what the angels are capable of doing if they receive commands from the Most High.

Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

One thought on “Chariots From Heaven!”

  1. I see chariots in my dreams most times, I believe this is not ordinary, in my dreams when I begin to ask people around me if they can see also they don’t see.
    The dream that got me scared the most was seeing God’s face appearing to me when I was crying to God for a couple(my neighbour) that have been waiting for a child for many years, meanwhile I am not close to this family I was praying for.
    Is this a gift or God beckoning on me for something, I am a believer in the Lord Jesus, I am not a pastor.
    I ve some personal issues in my life that I ve been crying to God for about three years for a remedy in my marriage of 15 years which is really shaking, I love my husband & children & want to go back home to them, I see a reunion wf my family some day thru revelations in my dreams, i wonder when but I am still waiting on the Lord.

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