Will You Hearken To The Heavenly Father?

Shalom Brothers and Sister I just want to share a message with you all. If you don’t know by now that the earth has been visited by many different races of beings in the universe it’s time to awaken now. Many beings both good and evil have visited this earth. If you don’t know about the fallen angels and the righteous angels of Yah it’s time for you to seek knowledge. The Most High sent many of his messengers (angels) to this earth and he even sent Yahshua but it seems like man (male and female) just don’t get the messages that’s being brought forth from the Father’s Heavenly Throne.
How long will it take for man to hearken to the Father? How long will it take for man to do away with evil? How long will it take for the children of men to return back to the Father? Humanity should have learned from the Great Flood. The same things that were going on in the days of Noah are happening now. Noah and Methuselah were 2 witnesses in their time and they went out to the children of men. They told men to depart from evil and return back to the Most High. Did the people in the land return to the Most High? NO, they didn’t! They had plenty of time to get it right but they chose to do evil anyways just like the people living on this earth today.
Don’t you realize that the Most High sent the flood to purify the earth because there was too many evil spirits on the earth during that period of time. In this period of time the Most High is going to send fire from the heavens to purify the earth from all evil. Do you understand this message? I say this because I was awakened on this day 4 years ago and the Most High gave me many messages in dreams and visions during a 7 day period and I hearkened to his voice. I saw what was coming to the earth and it brought fear upon me. It was the object Nibiru and it is God’s wrath coming from the heavens. Believe it or not but it will bring FIRE to the earth!! It’s only a matter of time. So look up to the heavens brothers and sisters because Yah is sending us a message.
Heed the warnings now and hearken to the Father before it’s too late. This will happen unexpectedly like a thief in the night if you are not paying attention to the signs. Let him guide you out of this evil world. Our heavenly Father has sent multiple messages in many different languages over time so that a multitude of people can understand and share his messages in their own tongue/language. Please allow the Holy Spirit to descend upon you in these last days. Let the Most High use you in these last days. The Father wants to pour out his spirit on his sons and daughters on the earth so that we can help bring in the great harvest. It’s time for more workers of the Most High and less workers of Satan. Please don’t ignore the message that is coming from above. Wisdom will continue to go forth from the Father’s throne. 
Written by Sister Carter (Athaleyah)

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