Dream on 7/9/16 – The Fallen Are Already Among Us

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I wanted to share a dream that I just had. In the dream I was in a city and there were a group of angels with me. We all had on silver armor and even our wings were covered in the silver armor. Standing across from us were angels that had on black armor and their wings were covered in black armor. Their leader was hovering above us. He called the group of angels that I was with, “the righteous angels on the earth,” and I called him and his angels , “the fallen ones.” He said that they were making a last effort to recruit every soul that they could for what was coming. He went on to say that they were stirring up anger and rage in an attempt to make people give into their carnal and dark selves. Once the people gave in they would be on the fallen ones side. The leader then descended closer to the ground. He looked like a decaying burnt demon. He had no eyes and just was an ugly sight to see. He told me that he did not want to fight he wanted the groups to unite and fight as one. I yelled loudly that we will never turn on Yahshua. We know Yahshua is coming back and we know that the fallen one’s destruction is rapidly approaching. I went on to say that we see through their deception and it will not work.

The scene changed and we were in an epic battle because of the power that was being emitted with each collision of our weapons; the city started to rip apart. Buildings started to break apart and lift into the air and then the ground broke in a huge chunk and the city lifted into the air on an island. I became a giant being in efforts to keep the city from floating away. A small flying being who had been watching the battle from the top of a building flew to my ear and told me that this battle is too much for this world and that he needed to transport us somewhere else. The small being held out his weapon and a bright colorful light came from it. We were transported to a world that was a meadow. I could see statues, a pyramid and what appeared to be a civilization/city a short distance away. In the distance I saw many statues and the leader was in a form of a sphinx.

The fallen angels were hiding behind a couple of the statues and the other ones seemed to have run to hide in the city. For some reason I knew the leader of the statues name. I ran with my sword and yelled out Ramses come out and fight me. As I was running towards the sphinx which was made of rock, I saw the sphinx become a living being because it’s eyes began to move and a huge lion name Ramses jumped out of the sphinx body and it pinned me down. He looked me deep in my eyes and said, “We are not the fallen ones allies. The fallen ones are trying to make you believe that we are your enemies however we are your allies.”  Ramses went on to say that he has been around since 8 worlds before our world was created. He told me to see through the deception that is going on. He said the fallen ones are causing division and I have to see through it. Ramses let me free and that is when I woke up.

This is a wake up call brothers and sisters and I hope you realize what the fallen ones are doing. Do not be blind! We are spiritual beings and we can’t allow our carnal minds to control us. Many people have overcome the flesh and are now living in the spirit while others operate with their carnal minds and haven’t overcome their flesh. The fallen ones are turning people to the sins that people love the most in the world. Whatever it is that pleases man the fallen angels will provide to the kingdoms of the earth.  Pay attention to all the laws that the governments are passing. They are lawless and they don’t keep the Most High commandments. Wickedness has increased and there has been senseless killings and people are being taken over by evil spirits. The fallen ones are recruiting as many souls as they can.

With each distraction they are moving more and more away from focusing on Yahshua and his return. Yahshua is on his way and bringing the hosts of heaven with him. That is why this world is portraying an alien invasion because they want people to be fearful. The bible speaks of the kings of the earth fighting against Yahshua and his heavenly army in Rev. Ch.19.  There is no win for the fallen ones because they will be destroyed. The goal is to take as many souls as possible with them so people can partake in their coming destruction. Brothers and Sisters you must see through the lies and the deceptions. Think spiritually and put away the flesh. Stop focusing on the false flags because this is so much bigger than martial law and FEMA camps.

In 6/4/14 dream – Heed the Call Guardians and Heed the Call Guardians Part 2, I speak of the allies (hosts of heaven) that Yahshua has brought together for the final battle. I bring these two posts up because of who I saw in this dream of our allies. The world has tried to make those same beings appear to be our enemy. There is much that we don’t know about the hosts of heaven.  Many of these hosts that are descending from heaven are actually good angels sent from the Most High’s heavenly kingdoms. Remember there are good and evil beings in the universe. Please see Sister Carter’s post Awakening To The Signs Sent From Heaven to see an example of how this world attacks those coming to help because so much fear has been instilled in them.

Brothers and Sisters  we don’t have much time left. We need to wake up our fellow brothers and sisters who are living in darkness. We must bring them into the light. The battle is on between good and evil. Which side are you on?

Written by Brother Whitfield (ObadiYah)

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