Dream of Nibiru: Even Demons Are Sending Warnings!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters, I wanted to share this dream from this man who had a dream about Nibiru. This dream is very interesting to me because even the demon in his dream is warning him of what’s coming to the earth. People are not taking the signs serious in these last days. Evil spirits are agitated and afraid of what’s coming because the earth will be cleansed of all evil spirits once Nibiru passes. People may think this is strange and weird but the awakening is happening all over the world and a shift is taking place. It’s time to awaken to a new reality because things are going to change. It’s slowing happening now and the earth is feeling the effects of this huge object in space. Please be enlightened brothers and sisters and seek the Creator before it’s too late. We don’t know when destruction is coming but the days of tribulation are in near future. Stay prayed up and study the Word. May you find peace in these last days.

Written by Sister Carter

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