Message: Hear These Words

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! I have been getting information downloaded into my spirit and it is imperative that I share it with you.

There is an Internal battle raging inside of us. Good and evil war inside of us. There are those that have given into and embraced their evil side. There are those that have lost their way; however by the grace of the Most High they have found their way back to the light. The ones that have found their way back to the light, join those that have conquered their evil side and walk in the ways of the Most High. These are the chosen. In this age-old battle between good and evil, The Most High’s chosen have transcended the earthly bondage/ divisions such as race, color, religion, sex, political affiliation, etc. They are not bound by human laws. They see everyone through spiritual eyes. When they look at someone they see light or darkness. The chosen only seek the Most High’s righteousness and want to see His righteous judgement carried out to purge this world of all evil, not that they want people to be destroyed, they want all evil and corruption destroyed. They seek to have the Most High’s perfect order restored. The Most High’s chosen are rising as this world gets more and more chaotic. The darkness in this world has ignited the Most High’s flame within each of the chosen. No longer can they sit by and stay silent, they cry out to the Most High. Just like in my dream 6/4/14 dream – Heed the Call Guardians, a call went out from the grand commander Yahshua, calling all of the righteous warriors to gather together. In my dream the righteous warriors came from the different worlds in the universe. The closer Yahshua gets the more righteous warriors are awakened, the more they start to remember who they are, they start to remember their purpose and their mission. The closer they are to unlocking their powers. Once reunited with their incorruptible bodies, their full potential and abilities will be unlocked. That is what the demons fear most, that is why the righteous are being attacked. The demons want to prevent them from remembering who they are, they want to prevent them from returning back to their spiritual nature. They know when Yahshua returns that their judgement will be rendered.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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