Dream January 2017: The Ancient Opening the Portal

Shalom brothers and sisters! I had a dream on Early January 23, 2017 in which an ancient man appeared to be in Space. He was extremely old wearing a blue cloak that had suns, moons, stars and planets on it and he had a long white beard. He appeared to be standing on land even though he was in space. I saw a blue light move from his shoulder to his hand. His hand was engulfed in the blue light. I saw him move his hands toward the stars. Orion’s belt was above him. He put his hand into the star and a ripple appeared as his hand went through the star. He pulled his hand out and the stars began to shine bright and generated ripples of energy. He did the same thing with each star and the stars would generate ripples of energy. He then did the same thing to the stars that appeared above Orion’s belt and those stars produced ripples of energy. When the ancient man pulled his hand back to his side, a wave of purple energy moved from each star towards each other. The purple wave of energy combined and it grew bright and a portal appeared. The portal swirled with many colors. The portal was an entrance. I woke up at this point.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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