The Earth Will Be Cleansed!

As we get closer to the return of Nibiru, the earth will continue to be cleansed. The earth is shaking right now with volcano eruptions, earthquakes, floods, sinkholes, bad weather and etc.  I’m sure there are  many strange events that are happening all around the world. People are hearing  trumpet sounds coming from the sky, some say they are coming from inside the earth. Well I’m sure it’s coming from the sky and within the earth. The Father is giving us plenty of signs but people will continue to refuse the truth on what’s really happening to our earth. There are a lot of people giving facts and their opinions on what’s going on but there is truth to what people are saying. The Father is speaking through many of his children and they are sending out the warnings. Some of these warnings have come through dreams and visions of the elect. Other warnings have come through many witnesses who have captured Nibiru in the sky along with other planets and moons. Thousands of people have captured unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) in the sky.

Something is Coming and I’m sure everyone can agree on this. We all must understand that there is an appointed time for all things in heaven and on the earth. Do we know the day and hour of Yahshua’s return? No. Do we know when Nibiru will arrive? No. Is there a connection between Yahshua’s second coming and the return of Nibiru? I believe so. Will the angels of heaven descend in chariots (light ships/heavenly vehicles/UFO’s)? I believe so. Will this event occur like a thief in the night? Yes. Will people be prepared? Some will. Will people perish? Yes. Will this be a dark and gloomy day as the scriptures teach? Yes. Do you really want the Day of the Lord to arrive? No because there will be a lot of chaos and destruction on this earth. The earth will reel to and fro and there will be a pole shift and the land will shift. Too many things will be happening when this occurs and I don’t even want to imagine this event right now.

When this happens you will definitely want the Heavenly Father’s angels to descend on this earth. You will want to be delivered by the chariots during a time such as this and I’m speaking of being delivered by the holy angels not the fallen angels.  People need to know that there are holy angels in the universe and they reside in the higher heavens. They have huge chariots (ships/vehicles) the size of planets that can carry millions of souls. Some people may think this is impossible but all things are possible. So as time continues to pass by we shall continue to witness the things that are coming upon this earth. Please prepare yourselves spiritually and continue to pray for the world. Keep the faith and endure until the end.

Written by Sister Carter

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