Thinking About The Law of Vibration

Greetings my dear spark of lights. Today I read an article and I just wanted to share some information regarding  the law of vibration. I came upon this article because I read one of my old posts about time and space. In that post I shared a dream that I had and in the dream I felt my body vibrating and I heard loud buzzing sounds. To sum this up apparently I manifested into a higher dimension. I was a light being that could travel very fast and I created a ripple in space. Now that I think about it I was indeed pure energy. According to the Law of Vibration anything that exists in the universe whether visible or invisible broken down to the most basic form consists of pure energy or light. Everything that exists has it’s own vibratory frequency or pattern which includes you and me. So in my dream I had my own vibratory frequency and I was capable of doing things that I can’t do in this realm. It was really cool to be in a higher dimension. I was not bound by anything.  I’m not sure what rate I was vibrating at but it was intense vibrations felt throughout my whole body. Remember all matter, thoughts and feelings has its own vibrational frequency. Be careful of your thoughts, feelings and actions because each have their own vibration. We want to express love in all that we do because love has a high vibratory frequency.

Written by Sister Carter



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