Dream August 26, 2017: Anointed Women

Shalom my brothers and sisters. I had a very short dream and I wanted to share it. I was simply walking down the street when I saw this elderly man anointing this woman. As I was in that dimension I had a thought that this is the man that I saw in November 2012. Not sure why I said this but I made the connection with the man I saw so apparently I need to revisit the experience I had in real life. Please check this post out if you desire to know what I experienced.  Mystery Man: Who was the man that appeared to me on November 28, 2012?

So in my dream after I saw him anoint this woman, other women suddenly appeared walking down the street and they had been anointed by the same man. I called out to all the women and gathered them and I counted them. There were 7 women who gathered with me and I became the 8th woman.  The number 8 stood out to me in this dream because I had to remember this when I woke up.  In the dream I knew I was dreaming.  But I quickly noticed that all of the women were dressed similar and I was the only one dressed differently. I tried to understand why the man chose me and them.  All I could think is, “I look different from them, why me?”,  I probably had this thought because I feel the same way in this world. I am different from these Hebrew woman and sometimes I don’t know why the Father chose me. But some of the women had their hair covered and were covered in garments. I wasn’t dressed like them nor was my hair covered.  I was dressed in my regular clothes and I was chosen too. After I gathered the women I became the leader of these women and I advised them that we must stick together because we were all chosen. I told them that we must meet once or twice a week. Then we all walked down the street together and the dream ended.

At this time I will not give an interpretation of this dream, I was just led to post this dream today. I will continue to meditate on this dream.

Written by Sister Carter


Dream on 11/1/15: Sitting On A Throne As A Judge

I had a dream on 11/1/15. I was sitting in front of a group of people, it actually looked like a Senate/government committee meeting. I looked like a judge sitting on a judges stand and I had a set of scales in front of me. I do not know if i was being presented with court cases or evidence of some kind. I really could not make out what the people were saying in the dream. I remember seeing a man at a long table and he was wearing glasses. There were an innumerable amount of people sitting behind him. The appearance of the judge stand changed and it looked like I was sitting on a throne. I woke up at this point.

Written by Brother Whitfield

Dream on August 15, 2017: Alignment of the Council of Light!

The first thing I heard was a reference to the Council of Light.

I then saw Sister Carter in royal garments covered in jewels with her hair in a tall fan shape. It was the same hairstyle from a dream I had before. She also wore a crown. She had on her silver armor that I have seen in similar dreams as well. The silver armor seem to indicate although she was dressed in her royal garments she was also ready for warrior mode at anytime should the need arise. Sister Carter gave me some coordinates I am not too sure if it was 17.61′ 7.61 or 16.71′ 6.71 each coordinate was in degrees. She also made reference to an alignment. We were hovering above the earth as she was explaining it to me.

Written by Brother Whitfield

My Thoughts: Infinite Possibilities

We are in a period of infinite possibilities. As your vibration changes your perception changes. The Creator has infinite wisdom and he will continue to guide your footsteps if you allow him to. I have come forth to tell you, “Please don’t have a limited mind. When you seek the wisdom of the Creator, his light will descend upon you and raise you up to higher dimensions and to higher consciousness. Your thinking will elevate tremendously.

There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom coming forth in these days.  There are so many different perspectives leading to the same truth. I am sure there are many perspectives that can be difficult to process. There will be some who align with the information that is coming forth and others won’t. It’s ok though because there’s a time for everything.  With any information that you read or research take what resonates with you and put the rest aside. Seek the Creator with all things and he will lead you into all truth.  The light activates in you when you are ready. As an individual, you are part of the whole which simply means, you are connected to the Father, the source (the Creator).

Within this source contains infinite wisdom and you have access to this source once you are awakened.  It is like a library of all knowledge and all wisdom which is all powerful. The source examines all things from all perspectives. We are one with the source.  Each individual experiences different things in life and therefore it is sent back to the source. Wisdom is gained through experience. The source gathers all things, all thoughts and ideas, which is All Knowing. All I’m here to do is to say that the Creator is limitless and immeasurable so there are infinite possibilities in the universe.

Written by Sister Carter (Goddess of Love and Light) 333

Dream on 3/1/17 – Meeting of the Council

I was in a large room with many different beings. We were at a large table and it appeared that I was leading a meeting. This was the meeting of the Council of the Multiverses. Beings of all different races, shapes and sizes were present. Some beings looked like children, others looked like a bird human hybrid and there were others that looked like an amphibian human hybrid.

Written by Brother Whitfield

I Am A Reflection Of The Creator

In the beginning a star was born. I am a reflection of the Creator, he is in me and I am in him. Such a wonderful thing to know that I am one with the Creator. I am light and all the good in me brings the Creator glory. My light merged with the light of the Creator and the light shone brightly.  As countless rays of light emanated from the source, I arose as goddess of love and light. In the light that is immeasurable and ineffable I was perfected and made whole and complete. It is I the divine one, love, because within in his image I existed. Then I appeared before him and I looked into his eyes and I gazed into eternity and the breath of life emanated through me.  I smiled and my smile was captured through eternity. For I am the breath of the power of God, and a pure influence flowing from the glory of the Almighty. I was crowned with the light of the Creator and love emanated from me which created more rays of light in our image. It is light which exists in all things. Love purifies all. Each ray of light that emanated from the Creator is divine in nature and each is one of a kind. Each ray of light is an expression of the Creator and he observes and analyzes all things from all angles, inwardly and outwardly, from every perspective. The Creator lives in all.  It is truth when I say, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”  It is a definite statement to proclaim, “I am one with the Father.” It is through love that the “All” exists eternally. As I express it in words it is a pure love that bonds us all together in oneness. A bond that is unbreakable and everlasting. Through love I will always find my way back home. It is through infinite love and wisdom that I have awakened to my true identity. It is not how mortal man views me but it is how the Creator views me. As I shined in his light I heard, “Thank God for the reason you was born.”  So my dear children my message to you is to feel my joy and my happiness penetrating though your souls. It is I goddess of Love and Light.

Written by Sister Carter <<<Love & Light>>>