Dream August 26, 2017: Anointed Women

Shalom my brothers and sisters. I had a very short dream and I wanted to share it. I was simply walking down the street when I saw this elderly man anointing this woman. As I was in that dimension I had a thought that this is the man that I saw in November 2012. Not sure why I said this but I made the connection with the man I saw so apparently I need to revisit the experience I had in real life. Please check this post out if you desire to know what I experienced.  Mystery Man: Who was the man that appeared to me on November 28, 2012?

So in my dream after I saw him anoint this woman, other women suddenly appeared walking down the street and they had been anointed by the same man. I called out to all the women and gathered them and I counted them. There were 7 women who gathered with me and I became the 8th woman.  The number 8 stood out to me in this dream because I had to remember this when I woke up.  In the dream I knew I was dreaming.  But I quickly noticed that all of the women were dressed similar and I was the only one dressed differently. I tried to understand why the man chose me and them.  All I could think is, “I look different from them, why me?”,  I probably had this thought because I feel the same way in this world. I am different from these Hebrew woman and sometimes I don’t know why the Father chose me. But some of the women had their hair covered and were covered in garments. I wasn’t dressed like them nor was my hair covered.  I was dressed in my regular clothes and I was chosen too. After I gathered the women I became the leader of these women and I advised them that we must stick together because we were all chosen. I told them that we must meet once or twice a week. Then we all walked down the street together and the dream ended.

At this time I will not give an interpretation of this dream, I was just led to post this dream today. I will continue to meditate on this dream.

Written by Sister Carter


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