40 Day Dedication: Purification of the Mind

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! Yesterday I had a thought to complete a 40 day dedication to learning spiritual things to raise my vibration. There are many distractions in the world today that are causing people to operate in a low vibrational frequency.  The minds of the people continues to be corrupted by living in sin, from watching reality TV shows, horror movies, browsing  Facebook and YouTube, and listening to worldly music. All of these distractions and many other distractions in the world  are keeping humanity in a low state of consciousness. Darkness is permeating the souls of the children of men and wickedness is increasing in the world.

I realized recently that I need some time away from Facebook.  It’s time to focus on raising my vibration, it’s time to read, study and meditate on the things of God. I have become distracted with my job and I don’t have much time to read and study. So I have decided to dedicate my time with God for the next 40 days. I need to cleanse my mind from all the negative things that I have been seeing, hearing and reading online. Too much negative energy is spreading on Facebook. All I’m starting to see is negative posts, images, and comments on Facebook.

But the good part of Facebook is that the children of light can spread the messages of God. Many have shared their testimonies on Facebook and have shared many other good things. I have witnessed the good on Facebook and the bad.  There are many people out in the world that are trying to wake people up in these last days but many are in a deep sleep.  People continue to say chaos and destruction is coming well I’m saying chaos and destruction is already here. Judgement is happening now! Death is all over the world and many will face trials and tribulations.

I will be starting my dedication beginning at Sunset, if you would like to join me please do so. Whenever you read this start your 40 day dedication for the purification of the mind.  Seek spiritual food and eat it up. Stay away from worldly things and make time for God.

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