Guard Your Mind

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! The word for the day for our 40 Day Dedication: Purification of the Mind, fast is to guard your mind. Whenever you are fasting and purifying yourself that is when the enemy seem to want to attack you the most. The purpose of this fast is to stay away from negative influences and allow yourself to be cleansed of negative thoughts, desires, etc. I can tell you that is what the enemy is going to try to use against you. The enemy is going to try to use everything to try and get those negative thoughts inside of your head. Guard your mind recognize what the enemy’s plan is and rise above it. You have victory over the enemy, the enemy cannot defeat you. Stay focused on the Creator and all the beautiful and positive things. Focus on light and love.

Written by Brother Whitfield – Be Blessed, Stay Safe, Keep Smiling!


One thought on “Guard Your Mind”

  1. Thank you brother Whitfield for reminding me of what the adversary plans to do when we fast.I new of alot of things since he’s the father of all lies but you reminded me of what he also does when we fast.Todah Rabah. And may Yahshua continue using you as his vessel to teach us.Shalom.

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