Dream: Ethereal Being Providing Knowledge

Shalom Brother and Sisters!

I had a dream in which an ethereal being showed me how everything is connected with the Creator.  We were standing next to each other appearing as giant beings. Even though we had a form we were transparent. The solar system could be seen throughout our body.  The earth was in the middle of the Ethereal beings belly.There were orbs above the earth. One of the orbs lit up a bright yellow color and shot out an electrical current into the orb next to it. The same event happened again with a new orb that was full of energy shooting an electric current into the orb next to it. As these events occurred the ethereal being would provide different bits of knowledge. For instance during the first event while the transfer occurred the ethereal being told me to think of this event as the Creator transferring energy and connecting everything together by transferring the energy to each orb. I moved around the being as each orb transferred energy  observing the events taken place.  The ethereal being stood still and watched the events take place continuing to provide knowledge.


The Creator is the true source. The Creator fills us with energy just as the orb transferring energy into another orb.  The children of the Creator have been filled with the source energy and now we have to spread the energy and light to others. This was represented by the other orbs passing light and energy to the other orbs.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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