Shift of Consciousness: Zero Point Energy

On February 16 around 1am, I experienced something that is so hard to describe but I will try my best to bring forth my experience. I was asleep and entered into another dream. Me and my fiance was asleep next to each other.  Then suddenly I woke up.  At some point I remember the word Consciousness and seeing an image that resembled the brain. I saw this with my eyes closed. The next thing that I can remember is me saying, “STOP!” Then suddenly my eyes opened and my fiance disappeared and everything slowed down then stopped. The best way I can describe this is like my heart stopped beating or like a speeding car coming to a complete stop suddenly. Everything was still and everything stopped in this reality. It happened extremely fast like the speed of light. My body felt a little strange as I was trying to control my breathing, it’s like the breath in me was slipping away but as this was happening I remained conscious. I felt my energy being absorbed and I felt weakened by this force. I still existed at this point. Everything around me vanished and it felt like I was a single point in this space of darkness. It felt like my energy was at it’s lowest point, because my energy was being pulled by something. Nothing existed yet I existed in this void. I was a conscious being and I was the initial point in this empty space.

I tried to stop all of my energy from being absorbed. I knew that I was connected to a much larger source of energy which is the Creator who gave me life. When everything stopped I gained my energy back. I visualized the word, “Love!”I then saw the word LOVE descending in this black space with me. That was my initial thought.  Love! Then I heard the sound of my voice yelling the word Love and then my energy started to return back to me. As if everything reversed or reset and my heart starting beating again. Love was the only thought that I could think of in this state of being. I was the only one that existed at that moment in time during that experience. I didn’t see anyone it was just my consciousness and the thought of Love. I was simply aware of my existence. As my energy was returning back to me in this state I could literally feel my energy returning back to my physical body.

After returning to my body I was still asleep. As I opened my eyes my body was in the state of paralysis. I could feel the subtle energies throughout my whole body vibrating intensely. So I made a sudden movement (quick thrust/jerk) to fully awake and connect my light body back to my physical body that was sleeping and I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes I could still feel the tingling sensation in my feet. Soon as I woke up I wrote the experience down.  The first thought that I had was Zero Point. This was the 1st of 3 experiences that I had on 2/16/2018. I will post the other 2.

Written by Athaleyah (Goddess of Love and Light) 333

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