Portal Opened February 16, 2018

On February 16, 2018 around 6:30 am I had an interesting experience. I was asleep then suddenly I became aware that something was about to happen. I left my body extremely fast and I traveled as fast as the speed of light. Then I appeared at a doorway and I saw thousands of ships passing by me. The ships appeared white and silver and they were moving really fast. I think I opened up a star gate but as I was looking at the ships one of the ships positioned itself above my head.  I gazed up at the ship and I noticed the pattern on the bottom of the ship. It had a hexagon pattern and then it begin to open up like a spiral. Then all of a sudden I was in a room and a wall appeared in front of me. I saw flashes of images, symbols, geometric shapes, ancient objects, and other  ancient things that reminded me of ancient Egypt. It was a collection of alot of things. I even remember seeing a picture of Martin Luther King. I was reviewing history. I’m just going to say I was in a hall of records reviewing things of the past. It was really cool. It was like a slideshow and it was passing by really fast. Then afterwards I came face to face with a dark cloud and a face begin to manifest in the cloud. I looked away quickly because it appeared to be a beast manifesting within this cloud. Then I said, “I defeat the darkness in me!” It’s so crazy because I started singing this, it was as if I was rejoicing because I defeated Satan. Now this dream can mean alot of things so I will not provide an interpretation at this time because I’m still meditating on this. I just wanted to share this because I thought it was very interesting considering the other 2 experiences that I had before this.

Written by Athaleyah (Goddess of Love and Light) 333

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