December 10, 2016: Timekeeper Vision

I am one of the timekeepers and have been called by the Creator.  I am allowed by the Creator to hold the universe in my hand. I expand it, collapse it and even split it into multiple universes. I go back and forth in time to see the formation of the universe. I feel the Creator’s presence behind me. The Creator is amused as I am like a little kid playing with a new toy. Blown away and amazed with the ability the Creator has blessed me with. Wanting to know more and more about how the Creator created. Once again I split the universe into a pair and watch it slowly merge back together. This action keeps playing in my head over and over. There is such a significance to this action. I see the different beings in different worlds.

Another vision started in which I found myself in a room in a magnificent colorful rainbow robe.  The room was made out of stone and there were torches of light in the room.  The room was also filled with ancient books.  Negative entities entered the room wearing a hooded robe therefore I couldn’t see their faces. It felt like they were there to steal the ancient books of time. I could feel their energy. There main goal was to try to alter timelines then I heard a voice say, “time keeper.” The entities were there to do something to time. I had a large sword in my hand and I raised it up by the handle with the tip of the sword facing downwards. I thrust the sword down hitting the tip of the sword on the ground. Suddenly huge white wings expanded on my back and my robe turned pure white. I saw particles of light with a rainbow halo surrounding it. The entities were blinded by the light that emanated from my body. They shielded their eyes and gasped. Then I woke up.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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