Meditating within a Vortex Space – 3/3/18

While meditating, I saw myself on a planet, it looked like Africa. There was tall brown grass and the sun shined brightly. There was a rainbow ring that encircled the sun. The rainbow ring moved closer to me. A grayish lion being appeared and said “Sire, your father has returned. He is safe and waiting on you to complete your task. ” The lion being seemed to be speaking to me telepathically. At the time, I could only see the Lion being’s face however, it is like everything started to zoom out.  The Lion being was kneeling on one knee in front of me and was wearing warrior armor.  I looked up at the sun and another rainbow ring came towards me. There was a flash and then I saw a brown lion walking slowly towards me. I recognized the lion because it was the same lion that I would see whenever I looked into my father’s eyes as a child. The lion suddenly became my father and he walked towards me. He was wearing a crown. He said “you see I am fine, I am home, I am free.

The scene switched and I saw a silver ship come through a portal. I was looking up at it as we were in space. I saw pulses of rainbow colors passing over the ship and then shrinking and closing behind it. It was the portal closing. A purple and blue being with white Mohawks appeared. They said, “we are here.” I then saw a numerous amounts of ships materialize. They filled space. I then came out of meditation. I remember seeing those beings that appeared to me before. I remembered them because I have known them for a long time. We serve on the Galactic Council of Light together and we are friends.

Written by Brother Whitefield

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