Meditation Visions 12/10/16 – 12/11/16

Today is 12/10/16,  while I meditate I feel myself in two dimensions at once. I can see a plasma looking substance which seems to resemble a portal. I felt myself about to leave my body. When my physical body moved, my spiritual body jerked back into my body. More and More I am seeing into the other dimensions. I feel my energy level rising. I am starting to be able to close my eyes and travel through the universe and at the same time I can feel my physical body in a stationary position in this physical world. When my eyes are closed I am in a totally different dimension free to travel and explore the universe. I feel my spiritual energy vibrating and I get such a rush. There is so much excitement and I feel overwhelmed with joy.

On 12/11/16, as I started to pray in the real world, I suddenly saw myself in a room before a throne.  There were two flames burning and incense being burned.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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