Multiple Dreams 2/21/17- The Guardian of Order and Peace

In the 1st dream, I journeyed to another world and in this world, my task was to restore order and peace. Something happened to their leader whom the people called their king. Once I reestablished order and peace, the people requested that I stay and be their king. I declined and told them that my task was to reestablish order and peace and not be their leader.

In the 2nd dream, I journeyed to another world in which I had the same task of reestablishing order and peace. In this world the leader was Osiris. The people had chopped Osiris into pieces, placed the pieces into big treasure chest and had his body scattered to different parts of the world. I had all of his body parts gathered back together. Once his body parts were near each other, the treasure chest opened up and the body of Osiris came back together. Osiris rose up fully intact to lead his people once more.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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