Dream on April 9, 2018: Reiki Healing and Assisting with Ascension

I had a dream in which myself and Sister Carter were walking around and laying our hands on people in certain areas of their body to unblock their chakra centers. Their eyes immediately turned pure white and their light bodies activated. We were sending healing energy to their bodies.

I then had a vision in which I was meditating  and found that a key to activating the light body is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and others will also activate the light body. When I said that my eyes opened and they were shining brightly. I began glowing as a bright white light.

The key to activating the light body is love. Forgiveness comes in as a healing and unbinding you from negativity holding you to this earth. The negativity blocks your chakras which throws you off balance.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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