Dream on April 23, 2018: From Darkness to Light

A being told me that the emphasis of this dream is a transformation from darkness to light. I truly believe that I was in a pyramid in Egypt. There was some kind of machine that I helped Sister Carter put her hand through straps. I believe she was harnessing the energy/power of the pyramid. She was the chosen one to do this. I remember it being nighttime and some other person in a different section of the pyramid said they called on the night Anubis. Suddenly a great black ashy looking Anubis appeared and the interior of thee pyramid changed to the same color. There was no fear with Anubis as he did not appear evil nor make any moves towards anyone. Anubis just stood in an ashy form. When day light came, once again I saw myself helping Sister Carter put her hands into the straps of the same machine. Only this time after getting one hand in, she decided to do her hair. She said she wanted her hair to look right for this was it. As if whatever she was trying to do, her goal would be accomplished. This time the same person in a different section of the pyramid called on the daylight Anubis and Anubis changed into a brownish/golden color with a golden yellow Aura. Anubis was full of light and the interior of the pyramid changed to and shined the same golden yellow color.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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