Mission Dream – 4/21/18

I remember seeing a book and I think it had the world population it in. An event occurred which changed the world population count in the book. There were 10 dark spirits left behind. A being told me I had to tie up a few loose ends. The loose ends were the 10 dark spirits and I believe this being to be either my higher self or the keeper of the book. I was given authority to bind the 10 dark spirits.  I saw myself turn into a plasma substance and descend into certain locations on the earth to recover gems. Each gem represented a chakra/rainbow color. Each of the gems were hidden inside a being who passed away on the earth. They were the keepers of the gem and were buried with them. After retrieving all of the gems, I found the 10 dark spirits and bound them. The dark spirits recited a repentance prayer to be unbound and they turned into light beings and ascended.

Written by Brother Whitfield

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