Transmission From A Rock Being on April 9, 2018

I felt a migraine coming, I said to myself give me the information, please just don’t let it be to painful (referring to the migraine itself). My vision started going in and out. I started operating in 2 dimensions at once. I saw myself working and yet I was in another dimension with a being. The being appeared blurry but the being was vibrating as if the being was also in 2 dimensions at once. The being appeared as orange plasma and also humanoid. The being would lift his hands pointing in a direction and saying something to me at the same time. Every now and then the being would morph from plasma to orange rocks. As if the being had a rock body. The being then said humans have been trying to master Quantum Physics, however we (the beings) mastered Quantum Physics ages ago. I answered okay. The being then said that he came to me because I know about cloaking which I acknowledged as correct. The being then said you know that cloaking is just not invisibility. I said I know. The being then said cloaking can mean appearing as something else. I said yes I know, what are you trying to tell me? The being said the ships are already here on this earth. The ships are cloaked as rocks, trees, look at everything around you.

The transmission ended

Written by Brother Whitfield

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