Vision on 5/12/18: More Chariots Arrive!

During a migraine, I closed my eyes and saw a white light pulsating from a ship. It bounced off of other ships which caused those ships to pulsate a white light as well. This cycle continued endlessly. The ships were small, I don’t know if that is because of how far away they appeared or if they are just not big ships. They were definitely not mother ships, maybe they were scouting/recon ships. I could not see any commanding officers or anyone present on the ships. The very 1st ship that I saw which pulsated the white light had a gun/blaster on top of it. I do not recall seeing any guns/blasters on any of the other ships. The gun/blaster that I saw was for protection of the other ships, the ship was not an attacking ship.

Written by Brother Whitfield


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