Vision on August 13, 2018: Merging With The Sun and Time

Shalom Brothers and Sisters. I want to share an amazing experience. It happened on the morning of 8/13/2018. I remember being in inside a cylinder object in space. I was gazing out of the object looking into space and I saw stars all around me. Then suddenly I had a thought about a ship flying next to me. All of a sudden my thought manifested immediately and a ship appeared.  I started traveling towards the Sun. Not sure if it was our Sun but I picked up speed and I saw a pure light emanating from the Sun. At some point within this experience the human side of me kicked in and I had a thought about experiencing death as I was headed into the Sun. My thoughts were, “How is my body going to feel plunging into the Sun?” It’s like I was preparing myself for the experience.  As I got closer, I did not feel heat at all as you would think.  I said here it goes and my body changed instantly, it’s like I was experiencing a metamorphosis. I merged with the Sun and I became a Sun or a Star. I didn’t die I simply transformed.

When I merged into the Sun, I didn’t feel heat, nor did it burn. It was like a vibrational shift happening within me. It was an immense flow of energy vibrating within me. My body was vibrating and changing into a Sun. It’s like my cells were changing. That’s the best way I can describe it. It happened so fast.  As I was entering into this white light I knew I was transforming, I visualized myself merging with the Sun. When the merge was complete, all of my energy begin to burst into Space, solar eruptions emanated from me, I was within the solar flares. My energy traveled in space then suddenly my reality changed and I was in the living room in my house. It wasn’t the home I live in now, I had to be in another dimension. I appeared laying on the couch and my head was vibrating intensively.

I tried to shake the feeling but I knew that I needed to  take on the powerful energy. I attempted to move off of the couch. Then I was looking at my rug on the floor then time just stopped. Geometric shapes started to appear. I kept seeing shapes forming from this rug. Apparently I was experiencing some sort of dimensional shift in this experience. I saw a cube tumbling across the floor, there were multiple cubes tumbling. For some reason I yelled out Metatron’s Cube. Don’t know why but that’s what I said. I was really excited for some reason. Then I saw a face manifesting on the rug, now remember the rug turned into geometric shapes and cubes were tumbling around. For some reason it seem like I orchestrated the reality, its like I was in a game or something. Like I was trying to remember something or send myself a message. So then I was trying to figure out who face it was.  Finally I said Arcturian. After I said that I knew consciously a message was being sent to me. The Arcturian was a male, he was multicolored with features of a black person.

After I looked at him I tried to focus on everything that was happening. It was so hard because everything sped up so quickly. Images were being projected in flashes as I moved my hand in an clockwise motion then I said reverse then flashes of images went back in the past and I stopped on a clear image of Martin Luther King. This has to be a message because this is the 2nd time I saw this image during an experience with going back in time. The images continue to flash back in time and I couldn’t make any of the images out. It was going to fast and I couldn’t capture anything but I guess I was reviewing Time.  Then suddenly I woke up in my bed.

Written by Sister Carter (Goddess of Love and Light)

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